m/aux Thelma ex Sonja 1932 - 1945

Viasveden Laiva

According to a decision of the Finnish Government the company "Oy Viasveden Laiva Ab" on May 17 1945 had to deliver m/aux Thelma as war indemnity to the Soviet Union. This was a hard blow to the company (as can be read in the company´s protocols) as the owners had deliberately tried to save Thelma for postwar missions.

Are there any - private persons or authorities, especially sources with Russian connections, that have information about what happened to Thelma after May 17 1945?


Finns det någon person eller myndighet, speciellt källor med rysk anknytning som kan lämna uppgifter om vad som hände med Thelma efter det hon överlämnats som krigsskadestånd till Sovjetunionen den 17 maj 1945?


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M/aux Sonja in Norrtälje

Schooner Sonja


The three-masted steel-hulled schooner M/s "Sonja" built in Gävle, Sweden in 1919 as no: 6102. The dimensions were 298 GRT, 196 NRT , 40.3 m x 8.4 m x 3,46 m. Owner Captain G. A. Lundberg & part-owners, Norrtälje, Sweden. Sold to Elis Molander from Björneborg, Finland on May 14, 1932 for SEK 30 000. On March 16, 1933 sold to Oy Viasveden Laiva Ab in Björneborg for FIM 100 000 and renamed "Thelma". A new 120 h.p. diesel engine is installed in 1936. Trading the Baltic and North Seas with wooden products on export in command of captains Elis Molander 1932-38, Petter Molander 1934-38, Häggblom 1939, John Hagman 1939-40(?).

1945, May 17 delivered to the Soviet Union as war indemnity at a value of FIM 5 866 353.


M/aux Sonja in Norrtälje, Sweden
M/aux Sonja

M/aux Thelma in Dunball

M/aux Thelma in Turku

M/aux Thelma in Dunball, England in october 1933. Self-made way to dock and repair the shaft and propeller. Shipowner Petter Molander is inspecting the vessel.

M/aux Thelma in Åbo (Turku), Finland


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Elis Molander in 1926-1927 sailed as an apprentice on the four-masted barque "Fennia" which was wrecked off Cape Horn in May 1927.


barque FENNIA




When the National Historic Landmark tall ship, the three masted iron-hulled barque ELISSA, now also designated as one of “America’s Treasures”, was trading the Baltic and North Seas as m/aux GUSTAF of Sideby in command of Captain Harald Westerholm




The three-masted bark Elissa as m/aux Gustaf of Sideby

Gustaf ex Elissa


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