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Research by the Institute of Migration  - Siirtolaisuusinstituutin tutkimustoiminta - a detailed account in Finnish

Immigration History Research Center "...is an international resource on American immigration and ethnic history. The IHRC collects, preserves, and makes available archival and published resources documenting immigration and ethnicity on a national scope. These materials are particularly rich for ethnic groups that originated in eastern, central, and southern Europe and the Near East -- those who came to this country during the great wave of migration that gained momentum in the 1880s and peaked in the first decades of the 20th century. The IHRC also sponsors academic and public programs and publishes bibliographic and scholarly works."

CEREN Centre for research on ethnic relations and nationalism University of Helsinki

Syreeni project   Abstracts of papers: Exploratory workshop of the Academy of Finland - Marginalisation, Inequality and Ethnic relations - November 12, 1999 Tampere

Postcard pictures of Finnish emigrant ships by courtesy of Aleksi Lindström.
Click at the thumbnails.








Immigrants in Canada and ethnic identity dynamics

Emigration from Finland to Canada Before the First World War by Reino Kero

Swedish Finn Descendants in North America: Creating Cultural Identity - "American Plus" by Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch

The Arran Archive - Sami Emigration to America, Immigrant Experience, Sami Identity
- Sami Siida of North America

De indiska rötterna - The Roma People seeking their roots in NW India (In Swedish) by Gunni Nordström

Geographic distribution of immigrants

  • WHY ALL THE FINNS IN THE UP? ....one man's opinion ..."The concentration of Finns of the northern periphery of the Middle West has been a source of commentary by pedestrians as well as scholars. "Environmentalist" assertions hold that the Finns actively sought for, located and settled amidst physical-geographical surroundings that either "resembled Finland," "looked like Finland," "were similar to Finland," or "reminded them of Finland." In the Lake Superior area, and more particularly in northern Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, they supposedly found this "Finland-like" environment. Hence, the fundamental supposition expressed by the "environmentalists"---that the distribution of Finnish immigrants was geographically induced---has through frequent repetition found general acceptance. Indeed, the myth is embodied in the region´s folklore. "
  • The Finn in America by Eugene Van Cleef  Published in The Geographical Review, 1918.
  • Finns in the United States and Canada by Eugene Van Cleef  Published in Baltic and Scandinavian Countries. Vol. II, 1936, p. 35-37.
  • The Finns of the Pacific Coast of the United States, and Consideration of the Problem of Scientific Land Settlement by Eugene Van Cleef   Published in Annals of the Association of American Geographers. Vol. XXX, 1940, p. 25-38
  • Finnish Settlement in Canada by Eugene Van Cleef  Published in The Geographical Review 1952, p. 253-266

Finding Origins of Scandinavian who came to America before 1870 by Gary T. Horlacher

Marriages and names among immigrants to Minnesota by Gunnar Thorvaldsen

Transmigration via the UK

  • Transmigration via the UK, 1836-1914 by Nicholas J. Evans "Between 1836 and 1914 over 32 million Europeans emigrated to the USA, Canada and South Africa. Rather than travelling directly from the European mainland many chose to migrate via Britain. This paper concerns the role that British steam and rail operators played in the business of indirect migration."
  • Trains and Shelters and Ships by Aubrey Newman  very readable article

Oral History

  • Scandinavian Immigrant Experience Oral History Collection Pacific Lutheran University Library Special Collections.
    "The Oral History project contains the recorded interviews of 282 men and women who emigrated from Scandinavia and settled in the Pacific Northwest. The project was started during an experimental course on Scandinavian Women in the Pacific Northwest. Students in the class were encouraged to interview women and learn about their experiences as immigrants to the United States. The project was continued and expanded with support from the president's office and by grants from the L.J. Skaggs and Mary C. Skaggs Foundation, from the Joel E. Ferris Foundation and the Norwegian Emigration Fund of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project was directed by Dr. Janet E. Rasmussen, a former professor at Pacific Lutheran University, now president at Hollins College, Roanoke, Virginia. A book written by her, "New Land New Lives, Scandinavian Immigrant to the Pacific Northwest" is based on these interviews."
  • Landet som skalv - Documentary movie from Sideby in Finland (yle.fi 1976 length 32:51)

Early emigration from Finland to Sweden and Finns in Sweden

ANNO 1890 Folkräkningen 1890 på nätet - Databasen är speciellt nyttig för dem som söker utvandrare från Österbotten efter mitten av 1800-talet till Västerbottens, Norrbottens, Jämtlands, Västernorrlands samt Värmlands län. Useful database for finding 1900th century emigrants from Ostrobothnia to Sweden.

Ruotsin suomalaismetsien synty ja savolainen liikkuvuus vanhemmalla Vaasa-kaudella by Eija Lähteenmäki . Dissertation in Finnish with summary in Swedish, pdf.

Interaction across the Gulf of Bothnia Project descriptions

Emigration from Ostrobothnia to North America

The Background of Finnish Emigration "The majority of Finns who emigrated to America in the mid-nineteenth century came from the central Bothnias ..." by Reino Kero

Emigration by Hanko Hangon kautta lännen maille. Hanko siirtolaisten lähtökaupunkina. Suuri Amerikan-siirtolaisuus 1865-1930 in Finnish

Finnish Utopian Emigration

  • Finnish utopian colonies by Teuvo Peltoniemi  The two best known utopian colonies founded by firms are Sointula in Canada and Colonia Finlandesa in Argentina. There were, however, almost twenty similar ventures in different parts of the world.

Emigration from Sweden Emigrationsutredningen, Göteborgs universitet. Emigrationsutredningen från 1910-talet, pdf-filer. (in Swedish)

Stalker's guide to international migration

Peopling North America: Population Movements & Migration

History of International Migration by the Leiden University comprehensive site

Migration in school education

The ComeniusMigration project "... It is a European Community supported project and has participants from three countries so far. The participating schools are Troja Skola from Sweden, Helsingin yhteislyseo from Finland and Burger Maria-Middelarinstitut from Belgium. The goal of the project is to create a website that consists of a database to study migration and also a forum where students and teachers of different nations can publish their works..."


Up Libraries, Bibliographies & Archives

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The Library of the Institute of Migration "is a specialist library, dealing with research publications on international and internal migration and other related issues. The Library receives copies of most overseas Finnish periodicals, published in many parts of the world, as well as a wide range of specialist periodicals. The Library is primarily intended as a reference library, but titles are also issued on loan to persons outside the Institute staff. The library counts more than 7 000 titles, and information service is available for the public."
Online search Eminent web site

The Finnish Historical Newspaper Library 1771-1860 Helsinki University Library is digitising all newspapers published in Finland 1771-1860 and they are now available on this database. The Newspaper Library will contain 44 titles and 90 000 pages

Historiallinen sanomalehtikirjasto 1771-1860 Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto on digitoimassa kaikki Suomessa vuosina 1771-1860 ilmestyneet sanomalehdet ja ne tulevat saataville tämän palvelun kautta. Sanomalehtikirjasto tulee kattamaan 44 nimikettä ja 90 000 sivua.

Finskt Historiskt Tidningsbibliotek 1771-1860 Helsingfors universitetsbibliotek digitaliserar alla tidningar som har utkommit i Finland under åren 1771-1860 och de kan läsas med hjälp av denna databas. Tidningsbiblioteket kommer att omfatta 44 titlar och 90 000 sidor.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle online 1841-1902


  • Finnish search engines Agricolan Tietosanomat Agricolan Tietosanomat seuraa verkkomaailman tapahtumia humanistisesta, erityisesti historiantukimuksen näkökulmasta. Lehti julkaisee uutisia verkkoresursseista, kirjoista, CD-romeista, verkkosivuista ja artikkeleista.  Finnish history research web resources. In Finnish.

The registry of War Victims in Finland 1914-1922 "...War Victims of Finland 1914-1922 Project database, providing information about those who perished in war-related circumstances. At present, the registry of names contains over 35,000 war dead, 97 per cent of whom died in the war of 1918 or in its aftermath. This is a simplified version of the name database of the Project. The research version of the database contains more information. "

Finnish-Americans in Archives

Immigrant Arrivals: A Guide To Published Sources Compiled by Virginia Steele Wood
..."Interest in immigrant ancestors has gone far beyond finding names on ship passenger lists. Today's researcher is often keen to discover motivations for leaving the mother country, to find first-hand descriptions of the crossing, to ferret out details about particular immigrant ships and the rigors of being "processed" by immigration authorities, to study conditions encountered during early years in the New World, to learn reasons for the settlement of various ethnic groups in particular places throughout the country, and to absorb first-hand accounts of newly settled immigrants. This guide provides an introduction to the type and variety of books available concerning these topics, both recent publications and reprints of some earlier works, as well as a list of some useful subject headings. "

Amerikaexpeditionen 1971 "The Department of Nordic Languages and Literature at the University of Helsinki, in cooperation with two other institutions, made an expedition in 1971 to collect language and traditions of the Swedish-Finnish immigrants in the United States. About 600 people were interviewed. The material is deposited at Folkkultursarkivet in Helsinki, Finland (address: Ritarikatu 5, FIN-00170 Helsinki, Finland, phone +358-9-618777, telefax +358-9-61877277). The collection is made up of 382 reels of tape recordings, about 4,300 pages of transcriptions, 179 photographs and many letters and other written material. The participiants are indexed in order of name and home area in Finland. "

Family History Sources at IHRC The IHRC Guide to Collections: Finnish American Collection "The Finnish American Collection at the IHRC is exceptionally rich. Included are approximately 1,500 books and pamphlets, files of 50 newspapers and 185 serials, and 160 manuscript collections amounting to some 200 linear feet of documents. ...". "The Immigration History Research Center is an integral part of the University of Minnesota and thus partakes of its tripartite mission: research, teaching, and service. .."


Lloyd's List "...is a British publication that gives details of vessel movements, marine casualties, and other information of interest to the merchant shipping community." by Michael Palmer
Lloyd's register of shipping "Lloyd's Register of [British and Foreign] Shipping is a British publication that describes, classifies and registers vessels according to certain criteria of physical structure and equipment, to enable underwriters, shipbrokers, and shipowners more easily to assess commercial risk and to negotiate marine insurance rates." by Michael Palmer
Locations of Lloyd's registers of shipping and Lloyd's list (Worldwide)

Seamen's houses

  • Sweden's Shipping Office Museum "...The Museum also has a comprehensive research department, with an archive over shipping and ship's history, and muster lists over seamen from 1820-ies to 1960-ies.
    • The Research Archives
  • Sjömanshusarkiv Southern Sweden


Bibliography, Archival sources for the study of Finnish Canadians

Photo collections








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Archives in Finland (mainly in Finnish and Swedish languages)

Arkistolaitos Arkivverket In English The National Archives Service

Karelian Database The Karelian database is a research centre, which is established is to serve various types of research on the inhabitants of the ceded Karelia region census demographics and genealogy.

Brages Pressarkiv Comprehensive archive dedicated to Swedish newspapers in Finland ... är Nordens äldsta dokumentationsarkiv som samlar och systematiserar artiklar av intresse ur finlandssvenska tidningar och tidskrifter.

Kristinestads lokalhistoriska arkiv Kristiinankaupungin paikallisarkisto Local Archives of Kristinestad/Kristiinankaupunki
Sjömanshuset i Kristinestad Kristinestad 3/1995 Skeppsjournaler, förteckningar över fartyg och sjömanskap, förteckning över fartyg och redare, mönstringsrullor 1829-1937 (gällande förteckning över export och förlorade fartyg, brev, räkenskaper )

Sukutilat webissä Sukutilat Webissä on Suomen maatiloista koottu tietokanta, johon parhaillaan digitoidaan 1900-luvulla julkaistujen maatilamatrikkelien tietoja. Tarkoituksena on kerätä samaan tietokantaan myös tämän hetken tilatietoja sekä sodassa luovutettujen alueiden maatilojen tietoja. - En samling arvshemman utgående från en förteckning på 1930-talet. - Database of a selection of heritage Finnish farms from the 1930's (in Finnish).

1600-luvun maakirjakartat Jordeböcker från 1600-talet. Land Survey maps from the 17th century. In Finnish
Example: Land survey maps Sideby 1693 - contents. Jordebokskarta Sideby 1693 av Jonas Persson Giedda, Maakirjakartta Siipyy 1693.

Owner's Marks

Owner's Marks from Finland collected by P.O. Ekko
Instructions (in Finnish)

Owner's marks from Närpes * Bomärken från Närpes * Puumerkkejä Närpiöstä

Research Institute for the Languages of Finland   Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskus   Forskningscentralen för de inhemska språken
Kotuksen hakemisto (Instructions in Finnish and Swedish)
Folk tradition archives "The extensive tradition archives are situated inside the Department of Music Anthropology. The collections include over 20,000 hours of sound recordings, about 200,000 photographs, records, musical instruments and manuscripts. The archives of the department are one of the largest folk tradition archives in Finland." Perinnearkiston kokoelmat Kansanperinteen arkiston kokoelmiin kuuluu yli 20 000 tuntia äänitteitą, noin 200.000 valokuvaa, äänilevyjä, soittimia sekä käsikirjoituksia.
Finnish surnames Surname map  Geographic distribution of surnames in Finland - click at "sukunimikartta"
Suomenkieliset paikannimet Finnish local names
Svenska ortnamn i Finland Swedish local names in Finland
The folklore archives of the Finnish literature society
Folkkultursarkivet dokumenterar och utforskar livsföring och kulturella variationer bland finlandssvenskarna i alla sociala, geografiska och språkliga miljöer.


Special topic: Local dialects of Finland

Suomen murteet Finnish dialects in Finnish
100 svenska dialekter Sweden and Finland, in Swedish
Swedish dialects in Swedish


Scandinavian and North American archives

The National Archives of Sweden
Sweden Archives addresses, phone numbers, and web sites for the archives in Sweden
The National Archives of Norway
The Danish National Archives
NARA US National Archives and Records Administration
The National Archives of Canada




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Finnish search engines

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WorldConnect Project More than 162 million names on file
Surname Navigator "Provides surname searches from multiple other web-based sources, based on preset and customized input-forms, specially focused on important free searchable online databases. ...READ THIS FIRST! Using the maximum option of all databases will launch 10 new pop-up windows. This may take several minutes, depending on your configuration, transmission speed or the performance of the remote applications. So be patient or reduce the number of checkmarks. If you hate pop-ups avoid this method or repeat searching, one window at a time. Please close all sub-windows before you start a new surname search."
Family Finder Search by Genealogy.com
Search Birth Records, Death Records, Marriage Records and US Census Records U.S. and U.K.
Turn your surname into its corresponding phonetic code, known as Soundex. You can use this code to research your name and many of its spelling variations in every US census since 1880.
Social Security Death Index USA

Social Security Death Index Interactive Search

Last name
First Name
Middle Name (initial)

Information of Finnish parishes in English. Brief information about every Finnish parish, microfilm catalogues, microfiche catalogues, addresses to parish register offices, old parish names, neighbouring parishes, lists of villages and maps of the parishes with bordering parishes. - In Finnish Tietoja Suomen seurakunnista - In Swedish Finlands församlingar


Cyndi's List   Search Engines
Search Engine Showdown The Users' Guide to Web Searching

Stora Släkt-Sök Släktforskarportalen RÖTTER, Föreningen Släktdata, Genealogiska Föreningen och DIS samt Genealogiska Samfundets i Finland. Search Swedish and Finnish genealogy mailing lists and message boards

http://www.infobel.com/teldir/ Worldwide Phone, fax and email directory services.


Up Miscellaneous: maps and town locator services, units and currency converters, FAQs, copyright acts

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Global Gazetteer Worldwide Directory of Cities and Towns This is a directory of 2 880 532 of the world's cities and towns, sorted by country and linked to a map for each town.
SiteFinder Online, a free web-based version of The Gold Bug's SiteFinder U.S. place name database. SiteFinder Online lets you search for towns, cemeteries, schools, courthouses (and more) and plot them onto Google Maps, where you can zoom in & out or overlay the SiteFinder locations onto satellite images of areas you are studying.
Maps of Finland Virtual Finland web site
Mapsite National Land Survey of Finland Eminent web site
    - Citizen´s MapSite trial version. Clickable maps down to the scale level 1 : 16 000
Suomenmaan kartta Toimittanut I. Uschakoff, Weilin & Göös 1898. Detailed map of Finland with very many local names, even names of farms. Edited for convenient online use by Pauli Kruhse
Maps of Karelia
Early Finnish Railway Lines Varhaisimmat Rautatielinjat - Including all Stations, Platforms, Platformpoints and Points according to the old manual of SVR dated from the year 1916. by Kari Paananen

  • Map "Karta öfver Jernvägarne i Finland"

Maps. Gazetteers & Geographical Information by Cyndi Howells

Multimap.com: Online Maps to Everywhere

Map Collections: 1500-1999 Americana and Cartographic Treasures of the Library of Congress

Centennia Online includes some representative maps of European history.
World History: HyperHistory 2 000 files covering 3 000 years of world history.

Digitala historiska kartor Historical maps from Sweden
Resources for Macintosh Users Made with Macintosh
Test internet connection speed
Telephone Directories on the Web Phone Books, White Pages, Yellow Pages

WWW unit converter
Exchange rates
Calculate the value of the Finnish mark 1860-2001
Calendar show the days of the weeks for a chosen year and month
The Earth Calendar The Earth Calendar is a daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world. For the purpose of this web site a "holiday" is any day that recognizes a cultural event. (Some holidays for Finland are not correct/Ed.)

A chart for figuring relationships
Free printable genealogy charts & forms

The NORDIC FAQ "These pages try to answer many questions foreigners to the Nordic countries could have."

Frequently Asked Questions Eminent web site by The Genealogical Society of Finland

  • Church Records • Where Can One Find Finnish Church Records • Addresses to Parishes • Record Keeping in Finland • Ask for Information from a Parish Register Office • The Meaning of the Word Parish • Old Handwriting Styles
  • Computers • Netiquette on Finngen Mailing List • Finngen Mailing List • How to Type Foreign Characters on a PC with English Keyboard • Windows 95 Finnish Keyboard • How to Type Foreign Characters on a Mac with English Keyboard
  • Fiche & Film • How to Buy Microfiche from Finland
  • History • Finland's History • Land Owning and Terms of Different Type of Farmers and Tenant Farmers (by Kalevi Kiesi) • The Meaning of the Word "Mantal" (by Kalevi Kiesi) • The Meaning of the Word "Mantal" (by Robert Plogman) • Owner's Marks
  • Language • Dictionaries and Vocabularies • Finnish & Swedish Alphabet • How to Look Up Swedish Words • Majority Languages of Finnish Municipalities
  • Literature • Finnish Libraries • Bookstores • Newspapers • Copies of Finnish Genealogy Books and Magazines • Publications of The Genealogical Society of Finland
  • Mailing Lists • Mailing Lists
  • Migration • Emigration from Finland
  • Miscellaneous • Finnish Maps • Cemeteries with Finns in North America • Finnish Phone Numbers & E-mail Addresses
  • Names • Old Spellings of Given Names • Place Names • Official Names of Finnish Municipalities • Use of Farm Names in Western Parts of Finland
  • Societies • Finnish-American Heritage, Historical, and Genealogical Societies • Genealogical Societies

The Gedcom file format

On-line kurs i gotisk handskrift Historisk institutt, UiB/Statsarkivet i Bergen 1999. Help with the Gothic handwriting style in use from ca 1550

Literacy in Finland - Gezelius and the Communion Books .."These new records became known as Communion Books and Main Books. They are the backbone for genealogical research throughout Finland. They provide researchers with more personal details about the lives of our ancestors than probably the records of any other country in the world." Historic background of the communion books which are of central importance to genealogy research in Finland

The exit permit - "movement certificate" by Nils William Olsson

History of currency in Finland

World clock map ::: Standard time zones

Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers.


Terminology Collection: Online Dictionaries by Anita Nuopponen, Department of Communication Studies, University of Vaasa, Finland

Online encyclopedia of graphic symbols more than 2,500 Western signs

Typing Foreign Language Characters on Your Mac or PC

Spotlight on... acronymes

Building Your Personal Anti-Spam Strategy by Michael Herrick


Finland: Copyright Act (Law No. 404 of July 8, 1961, as last amended by Law No. 365 of April 25, 1997)

Weather in Finland Finnish Meteorological Institute


Computer Peripherals in Genealogy Research

Computer Gadgets for the Family Historian by David Ouimette
Scanners Cyndi's List



Up Organizations & publications

s/s Ilmatar Ilmatar


The Association of European Migration Institutions

Siirtolaisuusinstituutti  Institute of Migration  Migrationsinstitutet

The Swedish-Finn Historical Society

Finnish American Heritage Society of CT

The American-Scandinavian Foundation

  • Scandinavian Review magazin

The Swedish-American Historical Society

  • The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly.

Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study. SASS is an association of scholars and others interested in the cultures of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Centre for Scandinavian Studies The Flinders University of South Australia

The Norwegian-American Historical Association

The Åland Islands Emigrant Institute

The Maritime Historical Society Sydaby also dedicated to emigration and genealogy research

The Finnish American Reporter is a monthly, English language journal, established in 1986, featuring articles and news reports of interest to Finns across North America, in Finland and around the world

New World Finn Online A Quarterly Journal Exploring Finnish Culture

Embassy of Finland, Washington About Finland


Up Literature

s/s Titania Titania


Special topic: Emigration in fiction

Vilhelm Moberg

Vilhelm Moberg is probably best known for his novels of the Swedish emigration to America: The Emigrants (Utvandrarna 1949), Unto a Good Land (Invandrarna 1956) and The Last Letter Home (Nybyggarna 1956 & Sista brevet till Sverige 1959).
Vilhelm Moberg (1898-1973)
Vilhelm Moberg (Nordic author biographies)

Vilhelm Moberg  en svensk rebell "Vilhelm Moberg (1898-1973) är en av Sveriges allra mest älskade författare, och med sitt Utvandrarepos toppar han alla listor över "1900-talets största svenska roman". Men han engagerade sig också i den politiska debatten, och genom en oförtröttlig kamp för individuell frihet, mot myndigheter, politiker och särintressen, blev han en av efterkrigstidens allra skarpaste svenska liberala profiler."

Kristina från Duvemåla Vilhelm Moberg

Lars Sund

Colorado Avenue. Helsingfors : Söderströms, 1991. 383 s. ISBN 951-52-1384-3 Ny uppl. Stockholm : Tiden, 1992. 383 s. ISBN 91-550-3883-2 Ny utg. Stockholm : En bok för alla, 1993. (En bok för alla) ISBN 91-7448-720-5 Finns även som talbok. Ny utg. Stockholm : Norstedt, 1998. 384 s. ISBN 91-1-300503-0

Lanthandlerskans son : roman. Helsingfors : Söderströms, 1997. 431 s. ISBN 951-52-1671-0 Ny uppl. Stockholm : Rabén Prisma/Arleskär, 1997. 430 s. ISBN 91-518-2963-0 Puodinpitäjän poika / suomentanut Kaarina Sonck. Porvoo : Helsinki : Juva : WSOY, 1998. 465 s. ISBN 951-0-22778-1

En drömsk skröna

Canadian Poetry

Essay 5 Emigrant Remembering and Forgetting in Mnemographia Canadensis by D.M.R. Bentley - Canadian Architexts - Architexture in Canadian Long Poems - Canadian Poetry


Artikkeleita * Articles * Artiklar Eminent web site Siirtolaisuusinstituutti   Institute of Migration   Migrationsinstitutet

  1. More... Appel, Erik: Kom Blankus kom Skarpus. Fiskare och skeppsbyggare i Sideby. Scriptum Vasa 1994.
  2. Clemensson, Per: Emigrantforska! : steg för steg In Per Clemensson, Kjell Andersson. - LT, 1996. - 175 p. : ill. ISBN: 91-36-03272-7
  3. Colletta, John P: They Came in Ships: A Guidebook to Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor's Arrival Record. Salt Lake City: Ancestry, Second Edition, 1993. Amazon.com
  4. Filby, P. William (ed.): Passenger and Immigration Lists Index : a Guide to Published Arrival Records of Passengers Who Came to the United States and Canada in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries. Gale Research Co, Detroit, MI (1981-ongoing)
  5. Glazier, Ira (ed.): Migration from the Russian Empire Lists of Passengers Arriving at the Port of New York. Genealogical Publishing Company: Baltimore 1995-ongoing. These books "...contain Passengers of Russian nationality who emigrated to the US (arriving at the port of New York) from Russian territories between 1875 and 1891 (eventually to 1910). Includes Poles, Finns and Russians Ethnic groups you can find among these nationalities are: Poles, Byelorussians, Great Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Finns, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians and Germans..."
  6. More... Haavisto, Olle: Kristinestad - En småstadsidyll. Kristiinankaupunki - pikkukaupunkiidylli. Vaasa OY 1985.
  7. Holmio, Armas K. E.: History of the Finns in Michigan Translated by Ellen M. Ryynanen
  8. Kero, Reino: Suureen Länteen - Siirtolaisuus Suomesta Yhdysvaltoihin ja Kanadaan, In Suomen siirtolaisuuden historia I.1996.
  9. Kummel, Bengt: Emigrationen från svenska Österbotten 1870-1970. In Svenska Österbottens historia III pp. 433-553. Vasa 1980.
  10. Norrvik, Christer: Stad under segel. Kristinestads sjöfart efter 1809. Kristinestad 1999. Purjeiden kaupunki. Kristiinankaupungin merenkulku vuoden 1809 jälkeen. Suom. Hannes Virrankoski. Kristiinankaupunki. 636 p.
  11. Nybond, Gunnar. Se Böcker av Gunnar Nybond - Books by Gunnar Nybond
  12. More... Olin, K-G: Våra första amerikafarare. Historien om finlandssvenskarna i Nya Sverige. 1988 Delaware 350 - A Finnish View
  13. Olin, K-G: Våra första Västindienfarare 1990 Ny upplaga 2001
  14. Olin, K-G: Öden och äventyr. Plock ur finländarnas historia i Latinamerika. 1992
  15. Olin, K-G: Alaska. Del 1. Ryska tiden. 1995 When Finlanders Ruled Alaska
  16. Olin, K-G: Alaska. Del 2. Guldrushen  1996 Finns in the Gold Rush
  17. Olin, K-G: Alaska. Del 3. Namnlistan. Vad gjorde farfar i Alaska? 1996
  18. Olin, K-G: Klippiga bergen 1998 Over 200 Swedish Ostrobothnian Immigrants lived in Telluride of the Gold Rush Emigrantöden i Klippiga bergen
  19. Olin, K-G: Afrikafeber 2000 När Afrikafebern rasade
  20. Pietikäinen, Matti & Sjöström, Bengt (ed.): The Ships of Our First Century : The Effoa Fleet 1883-1983. Keuruu 1983, 231 p. ISBN 951-99438-5-4.
  21. Suviranta, Br.: Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget 1883-1958. Tilgmanns Helsingfors 1958.
  22. Söderlund, Axel: Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget 1884-1908. Helsinki 1910, 124 p.

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Paddle steamships


Local history

Villages in Ostrobothnia articles from the book ´Den österbottniska byn´

Articles by Gunnar Nybond

Nykarlebyvyer-Views from Nykarleby- by Fredrik Liljeström

Various topics

American Studies @ The University of Virginia

Eye Witness - history through the eyes of those who lived it

Tracing the cliff god
Rock paintings in Finland

Rock carvings in the Borderlands Sweden

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How to Identify Your Ancestral Ship
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild The Compass
Emigration and Immigration Links by Joe Beine
Emigration - Immigration by Ted Margulis
NMN Port Maritime Information Gateway Migration links
Maritim historia Maritime history links in English, Swedish and Finnish by Staffan Storteir
Link database by The Swedish-Finn Historical Society



Institute of Migration: Useful Links

In Swedish

Länktips för släktforskare Nättidningen Rötter

Länkkatalog Mölndals stadsbibliotek

In Finnish

Muuttoliike - Pakolaiset - Monikulttuurisuus by Hämeenlinnan kaupunginkirjasto - Hämeenlinna City Library

In Finnish

Siirtolaisuusinstituutin linkit



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