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Articles about genealogy, emigration from Finland and immigration to America, culture, folklore and customs in Ostrobothnia and Finland. Written, translated or compiled by June Pelo for the WWW.

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Arvid Liljelund: Kantele-Kreeta playing

  Järnåldern i Österbotten - The Iron Age in Ostrobothnia
Silver marriage Tjöck Finland
Silverbröllop i Tjöck
Osrobotnia map Malax Friis Rödsö Gamlakarleby Nedervetil Pelo Larsmo Sundby Esse Terjärv Kortjärvi Munsala Kantlax Solv Sundom Petalax Sideby
Model of the Pelo village
The village of Pelo
Photo Ina Roos

Villages in Ostrobothnia

History, culture and customs


Linnéa borealis

Bark bread
Farm life
Poor man in Sideby
The Old Sideby Church and Bell Tower
Jean Sibelius
J.L. Runeberg





Persons in front of shop

Ray Dolby

Wickstrom automobile


Departure of emigrants

Emigrants and emigration

Saarukka South Africa

Loggers from Österbotten
Ester's Journey from Sideby to Fitchburg

America Fever: Selim and Lennart Nybond's American Journey


Anders Chydenius

Biographies and various topics




E.A. Forsberg painting
Hurricane Charley 2004

Neanderthals in the Wolf Cave



 Emigrant tracking


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Ostrobothnian odysseys