M/aux GUSTAF in the port of Mäntyluoto, Finland in 1953.
Elissa m/aux Gustaf in Pori

Photo ©Pehr Molander 1953

"A new and ugly steamer bow replaces the former jib-boom, but the lines of the counter be unchanged although a Baltic deckhouse be built over the poop and - to give a clearer view forward - a false poop built in which the old sailing wheel, by which Gustaf is still steered, hath been half sunk." Dorothy Laird in The Journal of Commerce and Shipping Telegraph October 18 1951.







Captain Harald Westerholm salutes as the shipowner Elis Molander and his brother´s (Verner Molander ) son Gösta Molander are entering.

Harald Westerholm from Kaskö, Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland was in command of Gustaf between 1950 (1948?) - 1955. He was very proud of and concerned in his vessel and planned to buy her, but could not get enough money. Elis Molander (1905-1968) had a long career, starting in 1922 as a seaman , as a sea captain and shipowner. He bought the first vessel of the M-Rederier - m/aux Sonja in 1932 (in 1933 renamed Thelma). Gösta Molander is still living at the age of 75.(1)





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