::: DATABASE of IMMIGRANTS from Ostrobothnia, Finland :::
June Pelo

The names in this database were extracted from my files and source material, and consist mainly of emigrants from the Swedish-speaking area of Finland. In many instances their destination and date or place of death are not known. However, this data may be helpful to researchers by providing them with additional vital statistics about their emigrant ancestors, such as birthdate and place in Finland, and spouse's name, if known. 7/27 2003

The Genealogical Society of Finland has set up an Identified Emigrant Register at: http://www.genealogia.fi/emigrants/indexe.htm This database lists only those emigrants from Finland whose birthdate, place, death date and place are known, whereas my database includes emigrants whose final destination and death dates are not known. In addition, the Society's database includes emigrants from areas other than Ostrobothnia.

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Immigrants from Finland
    Immigrants from Ostrobothnia, Finland

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When you use the search form on this page you need not worry about the Scandinavian characters, if you are not sure how the name was originally written in Finland, as the search option is set to not distinguish between words containing diacritic characters and non-diacritic characters — including the Scandinavian dotted vowels. The search options on the alphabetically listed pages of this database, on many other pages of this site and in Finnish databases in general are however sensitive to how the characters are typed (distinguish for instance between Lundstrom and Lundström, Maki and Mäki, Agren and Ågren etc.)

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Villages in Ostrobothnia
articles translated by June Pelo from
Den Österbottniska byn & other sources

Ostrobothnia map
Ostrobothnia - Österbotten - Pohjanmaa

Malax Friis Rödsö Gamlakarleby Nedervetil Pelo Larsmo Sundby Esse Terjärv Kortjärvi Munsala Kantlax Solv Sundom Petalax Sideby


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