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eMIG Message Board is a spot where you can search for your ancestors and trace their emigrant/immigrant journeys, communicate and request information pertaining to migration and emigrants/immigrants, emigrant ships, genealogy and related matters.

How do I add an image ?

In the footer section below the message box, add the image URL for an image. Keep in mind that you cannot upload images to our server. You must upload them to your own/free server and link them remotely from the provided URL.

Why aren't my images show up ? This may happen for the following reasons: 1) You have entered in an invalid URL. You must enter the FULL URL including the http:// . Simply entering www.yourdomain.com/image.jpg will NOT work. 2) The server the image is located on does not allow "leeching". This means that you must find a server which does allow other servers to link to the images. You can find a comprehensive list of free web space providers at FreeWebSpace.net.

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