One of the most long-lived passenger steamers at the Hangö-Copenhagen-Hull route was the ARCTURUS, a 2155 gross ton vessel, built by Gourlay Bros & Co, Dundee in 1898 for the Finland Steamship Co (Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget - FÅA). She sailed between Hangö / Åbo and Hull until WW2 and took 67-1:st and 72-2:nd class passengers. She was in FÅA:s service for 57 years. The major incidence was when she collided with and sank the OBERON, owned by the same company on 19th Dec.1930 in the Kattegat. OBERON sank almost immediately with the loss of 40 lives. The commanders of the two ships were brothers. Damaged on Jan. 13 1940 in a Soviet air raid at Turku. Arrived from Antwerp on her last voyage on 22nd Oct. 1956 and was sold to Lübeck in 1957 to be scrapped

Postcard picture of the Arcturus by courtesy of Aleksi Lindström




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