The voyages of Johan Viktor Johansson Bäckman
May 1899 - Jan 1905

                  The three-masted iron barque ASIA in the harbor of Pensacola 1903    Painting by Axel Nelson

Year Trades ´Fräjdebok´ Ship Ship data Captain Crew


May 24 - Dec 6

Kristinestad to Kiel, Kristinestad to Petersburg?. Risby Stockholm Sastmola Stockholm Nystad Stockholm and back to Wårdö The galeas (Two-masted gaff-rigged Baltic trader) KARL JOHAN JVJB is ship's carpenter   K.E.Karlsson  


April 29 - Nov 17

Härnösand, Aarhus, Kotka, Aarhus,Wiborg, Aarhus and back to Wårdö The barque VIKTOR JVJB is ship's carpenter   K.R.Davidsson

1900 - 1901

Nov 22 1900 -

- -> - The barque ASIA JVJB is seaman


The iron barque Antrim was built by W. Doxford & Sons, Sunderland, Yard No.2 for M.J.Wilson, Liverpool and launched March 1864. Hull 57,9 m Breadth 10,7 m Depth 6,5 m Load 1016 GRT, 948 NRT. 1871-1872 owned by Francis Carvill & Son, Liverpool (master J.O'Neill). In 1891 sold to Ulrich. C. Koch, Brake, in Germany and renamed Emilie. Owned by Rienit Ahrens, Brake 1894-1897. In German service 978grt/929nrt 56.2x9.98x6.44m, crew 17. In 1896, sold to F. Melson & Co., Kristiania, (Oslo, Norway) and renamed Asia.

Asia in Kristiania (Oslo, Norway)

In 1900, bought by M. Jansson & assoc., Finström (Åland, Finland) and registered in Mariehamn. Erikson took a minority stake in 1915. Movements: 1900: -, 1901: - , 1902: -> Stornoway, Dec 6 1902, 1902-1903: Stornoway, Dec 12? 1902 -> East London -> ? -> Pensacola, Florida Dec 14 1903 -> ?. Copenhagen and Cape Town are the other known places mentioned in a journal kept by JVJB, seaman - 2nd mate - constable on this vessel.














On December 9, 1915, the Asia left Pensacola for the Clyde and was lost at sea. There is little to say of her loss. Lloyd's List reported the following on June 1, 1916: "London May 31: Barque ASIA of Mariehamn, master Jansson, which left Pensacola on Dec 9 1915 for the Clyde with a cargo of wood, was today posted at Lloyd's as a missing vessel."

Matts Jansson
b.29.10.1871 in Finström, Åland d.19.1.1941. Sea captain in Mariehamn 1897. In command of the barkentine Emelia, the barque Mariehamn and the fullrigger Pandion. Part owner and commander of the barque Asia from 1900. Retired as captain in 1902


- Dec 6 1902

- -> Stornoway The barque ASIA JVJB is seaman

1902 -1903

Dec 12 1902 - Dec 14 1903

From Stornoway, East London -> - -> Pensacola The barque ASIA JVJB is 2nd mate J.H. Björkman b. 20.10.1869 in Replot d. 13.3.1932. Sea captain 1900 in Vasa. In command of the barques Mercator, Hera, Asia 1902-1911 and others. Later ass. pilot and skipper of the lighthouse vessel Helsingkallan



Dec 17 1903 -

Pensacola -> -   The barque ASIA JVJB is ´constable´


Discharge roll of the
barque Asia Jan 4 1905

Stuvert A. Nordström
Jungm. R.F. Henriksson
Matros E. Jansson
Konstapl J. Mattsson
Matros E. Johansson
Styrman K. Karlsson
Stuvert P.O. Karlsson
Jungm B.A. Lundberg
Lättmatr. J.Mattsson
d:o J.A. Karlsson
Styrman J.W. Eriksson
Stuvert P.O. Karlsson
Konstapl J.W. Johansson
Timmerm. K.E. Karlsson
Lättmatr K. Danielsson
Matros K.W. Johansson
d:o K.J. Nystam
Lättmatr. J.K. Wilén
d:o K.A. Söderman
d:o J.E. Helminen
Styrman J.E.K. Melin


1904 - 1905

- Jan 4 1905

- -> - -> -   The barque ASIA JVJB is ´constable´
Sandra Johnson Witt & Staffan Storteir 2002

John Victor Johnson - Odyssey from Finland to Florida




  - Sandra Johnson Witt

  - Börje Jansén Maritime Museum of Åland

  - Philippe Bellamit

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  - Jouni Harju Maritime Museum of Kristinestad

Photos and documents owned by:

  - Sandra Johnson Witt

  - Jouni Harju

  - Maritime Museum of Åland

Painting by:

  - Axel Nelson