Voyages 1868-1874 of Gustaf Adolf Lönnberg b. 23.11.1849 in Kristinestad

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Jouni Harju of the Maritime Museum of Kristinestad kindly provided the following information which he found in the archives of the Seamen's House of Kristinestad re the voyages of your great grandfather. I have added information from Norrvik 1999.

Gustaf Adolf Lönnberg b. 23.11.1849 in Kristinestad signed onto the barque ANTO in Kristinestad on September 14 1868 as a deckhand and his salary was 20 Finnish marks a month. This voyage of ANTO in command of J.W. Ramström lasted about two years. On the last passage ANTO took mixed cargo to Trinidad and sugar on the return passage to Greenock. She arrived back in Kristinestad on July 12 1870.

The barque ANTO (299 lasts) was built in Kristinestad in 1866 under the direction of the shipbuilder A.G. Östman on a drawing by the Danish constructor Julius Johan Fredrik Bustorff signed in Sastmola in November 1865. Owned by C.G. Hydén, G.E. Strandman and E.A. Tötterman and from Hydéns death in 1870 by his son Gustaf Hydén. First captains were Johan Wilhelm Ramström (1866-1872), F.O. Hillström (1872-1874). Grounded 13.11.1885 at Conch reef, Florida and was then condemned

He signed onto the barque ANTO again on August 6 1870 as an ordinary sailor with a salary of 30 marks and about one week later ANTO left for a passage to the Mediterranian Sea.

He signed onboard the barkship CAROLINA in Kristinestad on August 25 1873(?) as an able seaman with a salary of 50 marks for passage to Barcelona. On January 25 1874 he jumped ship in Savannah.

The barque CAROLINA (260 lasts) was built in Kristinestad in 1866. Owned by Carl Emil Carlström and others. First captains were Anders Hjalmar Hjulman, his brother Johan Edvard Hjulman from 1872 to 1883. Classed by Bureau Veritas for Atlantic trade. Usually she took cargo like wooden products and then salt on her return passage. Sold in Valencia in 1887.

Source of information about the ships:

- Norrvik, Christer: Stad under segel. Kristinestads sjöfart efter 1809. Kristinestad 1999.
- Photos by courtesy of Olle Haavisto.

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