Carolina från Christinestad förd af Capt. A.H. Hjulman 1867

The barque CAROLINA in command of captain A.H. Hjulman 1867. Photo of the painting deposited at the Maritime Museum of Kristinestad by courtesy of Olle Haavisto.

CAROLINA (260 lasts) was built in Kristinestad in 1866. Owned by Carl Emil Carlström and others. Captains were Anders Hjalmar Hjulman 1866-1872, his brother Johan Edvard Hjulman from 1872 to 1883, J.E. Holstius 1884-1887. Classed by Bureau Veritas for Atlantic trade. Usually she took wooden products as cargo and salt on her return passage from the Mediterranian. Sold in Valencia in 1887. Source: Norrvik, Christer: Stad under segel. Kristinestads sjöfart efter 1809. Kristinestad 1999.