Barque ANTO

Barkskeppet ANTO från Kristinestad under storm i engelska kanalen den 10 December 1874

The barkship ANTO of Kristinestad in a storm on the English Channel in 1874. Painting by Eugene Grandin, Le Havre 1874. Photo by courtesy of Olle Haavisto.

ANTO (299 lasts) was built in Kristinestad in 1866 under the direction of the shipbuilder A.G. Östman on a drawing by the Danish constructor Julius Johan Fredrik Bustorff signed in Sastmola in November 1865. Owned by C.G. Hydén, G.E. Strandman and E.A. Tötterman and from Hydéns death in 1870 by his son Gustaf Hydén. Captains were Johan Wilhelm Ramström, F.O. Hillström, J.W. Olin, G.C. Berg, A. Flink, and O. Samulin. Grounded 13.11.1885 at Conch reef, Florida and was then condemned. Source: Norrvik, Christer: Stad under segel. Kristinestads sjöfart efter 1809. Kristinestad 1999.