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Open letter to Fennovoima's CEO and Board of Directors

Concerning Fennovoima's plans to build a nuclear power plant in Kristinestad

Boston, MA
June 3, 2008
Fennovoima Ltd
Salmisaarenaukio 1
FI-00180 Helsinki

Subject: Open letter to Fennovoima's CEO and Board of Directors

Dear Mr. Saarenpää and Members of the Board:

I am writing to you concerning Fennovoima's plans to build a nuclear power plant in Kristinestad. I am asking you to abandon these plans.

I looked at Fennovoima’s website and noticed the April 30, 2008 press release announcing that you have been able to acquire land for this purpose in Sideby/Skaftung. However, in newspaper articles, I have seen two different maps of the area that you have considering. The first is a map of the irregularly shaped parcel of land that you have acquired, while the second map shows the proposed location of the power plant. There is very little overlap between the two maps. My questions are: (1) Why are you not limiting the construction to the land that you actually own, and (2) How do you intend to get the land that you are actually planning to use? It is my understanding that the local residents are very much against this project and are refusing to sell their land to you in spite of the fact that you are offering astronomical amounts of money for the land.

Your website makes the following statement:

“Fennovoima has been aware of Kristinestad's wish that Fennovoima obtains land before the city starts its land planning. The land obtained now is sufficient for building a power plant and therefore the land planning in cooperation with the city can be started.”

This begs the question: Was the purpose of acquiring land simply to get the planning process re-started? Or did you actually intend to place the power plant in the site that you purchased? If so, why did the power plant end up in the wrong location? The city had apparently already voted against your propsal but is now re-opening the case even though you do not own the land that you are proposing to use. Fair-minded people find this insulting. But in war and nuclear power, everything is allowed?

It is apparent from newspaper accounts that many residents find your business practices despicable and would under no circumstances welcome you as a neighbor. The resistance is only expected to grow as the residents are exposed to more and more misrepresentations from your company. I have read your statement ”we will only come if we are welcome”. Given this, it surprises me that you continue to pursue Kristinestad as an option. Holding you to your word, my recommendation would be that you leave the region immediately since you are clearly not welcome here. It is time to leave the residents alone and put an end to this sad and unfortunate episode in the area’s history.

It is well-known that the proposed site borders two large Natura 2000 areas and other protected nature preserves. Moreover, ”Flygekorre” appears to be residing on the land that you are planning to use. Is this of any concern to you? Or will you just push ahead and overlook these inconveninet facts? My guess is that EU would consider the placement of a nuclear power plant in this area an infringement of the Natura 2000 preservation directives and would not approve of this. Personally, I do not doubt what so ever that the issue would be brought to Bryssles, should Fennovoima decide to move forward with its plans.

The highly radioactive and very dangerous nuclear waste material is another area of concern. Your plans to deal with this issue have not been revealed. Your Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report stated that Posiva would take care of the waste. However, this claim was rejected by Posiva in a letter submitted to TEM in early April. What are your real plans? Also, how long would the waste remain in the area, and what would happen to the nuclear power plant itself once it is no longer in operation? Will you take the plant down or will it be left standing for hundreds of years perhaps as a gift to future generations of residents? I am sure that you are aware of the fact that the plant itself becomes nuclear waste and is extremely difficult and costly to remove.

Finally, it is evident that your presence in this area is inflicting great pain and suffering on the local residents who do not want to give up their beautiful towns for this purpose. Do you have any plans to compensate the residents for their suffering? Also, how do you plan to compensate residents for lowering the values of their properties, should the power plant be built? Your representatives in the region say that no one will have to move because of this. Yes, sure! But who wants to live near a nuclear power plant? The many summer residents come here during their vacations to enjoy nature, to watch the wild life and to listen to the birds. But certainly not to listen to the roar of cooling water travel in and out under or near their properties, killing fish and polluting the waters in the process.

I beg you to listen to the residents’ pleas and abandon your plans to build a nuclear power plant in Sideby/Skaftung.


Greta M. Ljung, Pol.Mag., Ph.D.
Boston, USA
(With close family in Skaftung)



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