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Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 22, 2003 at 10:44:33 PM by Susan Ness

I am a novice regarding geneological research,but am very interested in tracking my Finnish heritage. My grandparents, Amanda Riksman(maiden name) and Matti Karkas emigrated to the US in the late 1800's; I think that it was through New York. Matti died in a coal mine accident in Washington State in about 1905 (my father had been born in 1903). My grandmother moved to Sointula, BC (Canada) and my father was raised there. An aunt in her nineties (and senile) does have a lot of material that I will have access to this summer. Any help would be appreciated.



Re(1): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 24, 2003 at 10:02:32 PM by Harri Blomberg

Terve Susan!

In Ellis Island you can find that Karkas, Matti (Finnish) arrival to New York May 20, 1901 From Hango Habour in Finland, 25 years old, Male, Married, Ship of Travel: Umbria, Port of Departure: Liverpool, England, UK

Institute of Migration in Finland say that his name is not Karkas. It will be Kärkäs. Detailed passenger information give this information:

Last name: Kärkäs
First names: Matti
Age or age class: 25
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Astoria
State of destination: OR
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: FIM 485
Ship from Finland: Astraea
Date of departure from Finland: 04.05.1901
Ship from England: *
Date of departure from England: 99.99.9999
Ocean Line: Cunard Line
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 16/99
Remarks: *

Home parish for Matti Kärkäs was Jääski (In Karelia, only a little part you find in Finland today, near Imatra, rest part you find in Russia. After the Second World War when Finland must gave this area to Russia).

Jääski - christened
(Father's last name: KÄRKÄS => Kärkäs, Kärkäss, Kärkäs Kärkölä
Child's first name: MATTI)

Born: 7.7.1875, Christened: 13.7.1875, Village: Kärkkäälä, Farm: N:o 3, Father: Farmerson Matts Johss: Kärkäs, Mother: wife Maria Simonsd:r Näveri 20 years old, Child: Matti

A total of 1 events found. I got the information from The Genealogical Society of Finland, Liisankatu 16 A
FIN-00170 Helsinki, Finland Phone: +358-9-278 1188 / Fax: +358-9-278 1199
Email: seura@genealogia.fi
WWW: http://www.genealogia.fi/

More information I will give you tomorrow, time here in Sweden: 03.58. I must go to my bed... I have also find information about his friends, wife and so.

Harri Blomberg
Gothenburg - Sweden

Re(2): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 24, 2003 at 10:17:56 PM by Harri Blomberg

Susan! Few words... The people of Jääski moved to east of Kouvola in southeast Finland (of today) after the Second World War. Maybe you will find your relatives there?

Harri Blomberg

Re(3): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 24, 2003 at 11:53:20 PM by Harri Blomberg

Susan... I has not gone to sleep yet.

Amanda Karkas, wife to Matti Kärkäs you will find in Ellis Island some months later, after her husband. The husband have paid the ticket and she will go to Hoguiam in Washington

Karkas, Amanda (Finnish), Place of Residence was Hango (Hangö) in Finland, came to New York November 09, 1901. She was 18 years old (Female) and Married, Ship of travel was Lucania, Port of Departure: Liverpool, England, UK.

The Finnish Passenger list tell us that her surname also was Kärkäs (Amanda) like her husbands, age 1N and she would go to Hoguiam, WA, USA from Hanko (Hangö) in Finland 26.10.1901 with the ship Arcturus. Ticket cost USD 93. The Ocean line from England was Cunard Line. (Page 17/41 in Ship list). She did not travel alone... her (and Matti Kärkäs´?) children Alli Kärkäs was with her.

The detailed passport information from Institute of Migration in Finland tell us that her name was Amanda Kärkäs, born 1883. Her religion was Lut(heran), and she was a workers wife. Home parish: Jääski, province VII, passportdate: 1901, passport valid in five years, destination America, passport issued by HKO, remarks: her daughter Alli, born 1900. (It will mean that she (maybe) was your grandmothers oldest children. Also the daughter Alli Kärkäs had a passport, but I do not find anything more information in Allis passport to give you.

It is interesting that three more Kärkäs left Jääski for America.:

Kärkäs Matti, in November 1905. He was born 11.11.1883.
Kärkäs Juho, 04.01.1906. He was born 1883.
Kärkäs Juho, 20.03.1907. He was born 1882.

In Hiski you do not find marriage from the second part of 1900th century. It is very hard to knew Amanda Kärkäs´ birthsurname. I do not knew if she was born in Jääski or in another place? One Amanda was born in Jääski the year 1883 (15.7.1883) in the village Kostiala. Her fathers name was Alexander Ruokolainen and mothers Erika Kallentytär

Susan, you talk about surname Riksman. In the late 1900th century you find one David Riksman in Jääski, but also... when your Matti Kärkäs travelled to America he first will go to Astoria, OR, USA. In the Ellis Island list you also find five (I believe) some kind of friends from Finland who travelled with him to the same place. There names were:

Kalle Wilén, 23 years old, marriage.
Matti Rikman (Riksman?), 26 years old, marriage.
Anton Salmi, 35 years old, marriage.
Jacob Moilanen, 44 years old, marriage.
Matti Näränen, 31 years old, marriage.

Do you knew them? Do you think that I have find your relatives? Maybe something or everything is wrong, but I have used all my knowledge my very good teacher Staffan Storteir has learn me during this springtime when we have emigration lessons over Internet. Maybe I did not learned anything... teacher was very good, but the student? We will see what you has to say.
That is all I can give you... now I must go and sleep, it is morning on the west coast in Sweden. I hope that you has understanding my english.

Harri Blomberg

Re(4): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 25, 2003 at 00:48:21 AM by Susan Ness

Thank you very much,Harri. I really had not expected a response. I am sure your information is correct as my father had an older sister who we called Alice--her Finnish name is most likely Alli. My grandmother had a brother called Matti Riksman--he is probably the Matti Rikman on the list. Amanda moved to Sointula after my grandfather's death because her brother and family were there.

Thanks again. I will email you after I look at the map you have sent.


Re(5): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 25, 2003 at 07:08:18 AM by Harri Blomberg

Terve Susan... I am very delighted at this Kärkäs possible are your relatives. The two maps I sent you show the area of Finnish Karelia and birthplace for Matti Kärkäs i Jääski. Here some history of the Finnish Karelian area...

In the Treaty of Pähkinänsaari in 1323 Sweden got the jurisdictional districts of Jääski and Äyräpää, but the shores of Lake Ladoga and the Karelian Isthmus remained on the eastern side of the border. The parish of Jääski was established 1415. Village (Village in Finland today = (X)): Ahola (X), Ahtiala, Ahvola, Eevala, Einola, Haikola, Hallikkala (X), Hirslampi, Hyppölä, Hämälälä, Ihalempiälä (X), Jakola, Jakovala, Järvenkylä, Kamajauhola (?), Kaplahala, Kasila, Kemppilä, Kiljolanmaa, Kiurula, Kokkola, Kostiala, Kuurmanpohja (X), Kyyrölä, Käreinniemi, Kärkkäälä, Kärättilä (X), Laitila, Laukkala, Littula, Lokkarila, Lottola, Myllölä, Niemi, Näträmälä, Oravala, Pajarila (X), Patjaala, Pelkola (X), Penttilä (X), Pieppola, Puujalkala, Päähkälä, Ranssila, Riikola, Rikkola, Rossila, Rouhiala, Räikkölä (X), Seppälä, Soperonmaa, Suikkala, Sunila, Teppanala (X), Tollola, Velkula, Vetelälä, Virola, Virolansalo.

After the Treaty of Moscow 1940, the same in 1944 and final peace agreement in Paris 1947 the main part of Finnish Karelia (Sortavala, Impilahti, Jääski, Käkisalmi, Viipuri) was taken by the Soviet Union. All the Karelian people in this area were evacuated. They had to leave their homes and property twice and build their new homes in the new area in Finland. It was a very hard experience but no one wanted to stay on the Russian side of the border. Finland still has North-Karelia and a part of South-Karelia (Joutseno, Ruokolahti, a little part of Jääski etc.) where Finnish-Karelian culture is still strong. One can easily see the Karelian influence on Finnish life and culture. Today, it is possible to travel to the lost Karelian homeland, but many homes have been destroyed.

One of your relatives from Jääski died during Second World War. The Finnish soldier (13/Raja JK) Aarne Ensio Kärkäs, b. 18.8.1922 in Jääski, the Russians token as prisoner 23.7.1941 in Parikkala, Syväoro. He died 5.4.1942 in the soldier prison camp 99 in Spasski (or something in this name way), Karaganda, Kazakstan.
(This last Information I got from http://www.yle.fi/dokumentti/sotavangit/neuvostoliitto2.htm.)

Harri Blomberg

Re(6): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 25, 2003 at 01:25:49 PM by Harri Blomberg

Sue... In Hoquiam, Wash. I find J. A. Kärkäs (Karkas?) - autumn 1904. Do you knew him?

Harri Blomberg

Re(7): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 25, 2003 at 01:57:01 PM by Susan Ness

Hello Harri,
You have overwhelmed me with your help and the information you have provided.I am busy reading and printing out all the documents, pictures, etc.
As to your question--no, I don't know who the J. A. Karkas would be--what is the date in reference to? Is it a birth, death or....?

Thanks again,

Re(8): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 26, 2003 at 06:44:34 AM by Harri Blomberg

Sue, hello again..! J.A. Kärkäs was a member of a political organisation. This started autumn 1904, and he was one of the first members... with Peter Martel, Richard Niemi, Kalle Korhonen, Abel Adams, J. W. Lahti, Frank Mäki, Emil Aho, Jack Kari, Elina Koski and Herman Hukka.

The situation for many Finnish workers were hard this years... your relative Matti Matinpoika Kärkäs died in a coal mine accident in Washington State, USA in about 1905. The Immigrants have resons to work for better situations in their working premises... some in tradeunions like IWW others in political organisations.


Re(9): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 26, 2003 at 11:05:34 AM by Harri Blomberg

Hello Sue!

In the Passenger Record, Institute of Migration in Finland, I find:

Last name: Kärkäs
First names: J. A.
Age or age class: 1M
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Portland
State of destination: OR
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: USD 84
Ship from Finland: Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland: 21.12.1901
Ship from England: *
Date of departure from England: *
Ocean Line: Dominion Line
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 15/11
Remarks: Departure book: 21.14.1901! Departure day not sure.

But we will see it is the date 21.12.1901. J.A. Kärkäs arrival New York, Ellis Island 7 January 1902. His age on arrival were 25 and he was single. His ship of travel from Liverpool, England was Saxonia. (Information from Passenger Record on Ellis Island).

Maybe it will be the same person, Jacob August Kärkäs, who was born in Jääski, Kärkkäälä N: o 2, 29.12.1875? His fathers name: Johan Kärkäs (former bridge marshal) and mothers: Katri Keränen 33 years old. The father Johan Kärkäs was possible son of farmer Johan Göransson Kärkäs and his wife Elisabeth Matsdotter Pulki in Kärkkäälä N: o 2. They got a son Johannes 12.8.1838, but then they lived in another place in the village Kärkkäälä called Lepikö, later they moved to number 2. First time Johan Göransson Kärkäs will be find at number 2 in Kärkkäälä was 27.7.1849, when their daughter Elisabeth were born. That will mean that our political person J.A. Kärkäs in Hoquiam, Washington autumn 1904 probably was a cousin to your grandfather. Because his father Johan(nes) Johansson were a younger brother to Matts Johansson Kärkäs, born two years and four days before, b. 8.8.1836 in Kärkkäälä, Jääski. Matts Johansson Kärkäs is your fathers fathers father and Johan Göransson Kärkäs is your fathers fathers fathers father.

We knew that many in the same family of immigrants lived in the same cities in USA as their relatives. And your grandmother Amanda Kärkäs came to New York November 09, 1901. Only two months before J.A. Kärkäs. She would go to Hoguiam, Washington. I believe we have find one member in your family tree in him...


Re(10): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 26, 2003 at 01:21:33 PM by Harri Blomberg

Terve Sue!

In Jääski (HisKi project) I find three families Riksman... all of them lived in Enso. Your family members were possible labourers at Enso ground wood mill, Pelkola village, Jääski. Maybe your grandmother Amanda not was born in Jääski, maybe they came from outside... another parish? One reason that you not will find any Riksman before autumn 1892. (I will send you a list of them all.) Enso were an industry area near river Vuoksi in Jääski. To day it is named Svetogorsk, from the year 1948. After 1944 one part of Soviet / Russia.

The three families were:

1) Työmies (worker) Juha Juhonpoika (Johan Johansson) Riksman and his wife Karolina Juhontytär (Johansdotter) Tuomola, born 1871. I find these children:
a) Tyyne Siiri, born 10.9.1892 in Enso.
b) Arvid Johannes, born 22.8.1894 in Enso.
c) Wiljo Fredinand, born 25.5.1897 in Pelkola.

2) Työmies (worker) David Riksman and his wife Tilda (Mathilda) Heikkilä, born 1869. I find these children:
a) Siiri Maria, born 16.8.1896 in Enso.
b) Tyyni Amanda, born 8.11.1897 in Enso.
c) Eini Johanna, born 7.2.1899 in Enso.

3) Työmies (worker) Matti Riksman and his wife Katri Pekkola, born 1879. I find these children:
a) Helmi Maria, born 18.8.1898 in Enso.
b) Ingrid Eleonora, born 11.11.1899 in Enso.

The last one, Matti Riksman travelled with your grandfather Matti Kärkäs the spring 1901, but his wife Katri Riksman, born 1879 came three years later. Institute of Migration in Finland give this detailed passenger information:

Last name: Riksman
First names: Katri
Age or age class: 1N
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Hoqulam
State of destination: WA (?)
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: USD 105
Ship from Finland: Polaris
Date of departure from Finland: 19.04.1902
Ship from England: *
Date of departure from England: *
Ocean Line: Cunard Line
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 28/35
Remarks: A note in the book. Höquiam, WA (?).

I do not find her in Ellis Islands passenger information, maybe later... but it is interesting that is possible to read about Matti and Katri Riksman in two books in Finland. I have not them, but I will try to find them. These books are named:

Teuvo Peltoniemi: Kohti parempaa maailmaa : Suomalaisten ihannesiirtokunnat 1700-luvulta nykypäivään." Keuruu 1985, 240 s. ISBN 951-1-08551-4.
Riksman, Katri
Riksman, Matti

Books "Kanadan suomalaisten historia I-II" (1975 & 1979) written by Yrjö Raivio. From all namnes in the books register you will find:
Ricksman, Katri, II:369
Riksman, Matti, II:17

Juha Juhonpoika (Johan Johansson) Riksmans daughter Tyyne Siiri Riksman also left Finland during the springtime 1911. She was only 18 years old, 5 feet and 4 inches when she arrived 8 April 1911 to Ellis Island in New York with ship Philadelphia from Southampton, Southamptonshire, England, UK. In the paper she called her self a servant and had 32 dollars in the pocket. First time in USA she would travel to a friend Erik Hellman or Hallonen... I am not sure... It is very hard to read some papers, but he living in Fitchburg, Massachusetts... address 26 P(ost?) Road. She was single.

Institute of Migration in Finland give this Detailed passenger information:

Last name: Riksman
First names: T.
Age or age class: 18
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Fitchburg
State of destination: MA
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: FIM 266
Ship from Finland: Urania
Date of departure from Finland: 25.03.1911
Ship from England: Philadelphia
Date of departure from England: 01.04.1911
Ocean Line: American Line
Port of departure in England: Southampton
List and page: 66/83
Remarks: *

I also find one Finnish immigrant with the name “Joho Rikman", 26 years old, in New York, Ellis Island who arrived 18 January 1903, from Hangö, over Liverpool, England, UK with ship Lucania. Maybe, he had some connection with the rest. I believe he travelled to Chicago. He was single.


Re(11): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 26, 2003 at 11:52:20 PM by Susan Ness

Hi Harri,
The Matti Riksman and his wife, Katri, are my Great Uncle and Aunt. I remember them from Sointula--as well, I remember their daughter, Ingrid. I have contacted Ingrid's son and her date of birth is exactly as you indicate. We are now checking the older daughter, Helmi. I can't remember her but my brother will check with Ingrid's son.

I suspect that they were three brothers who moved to Enso to work and may have come from another parish--we are still looking for documents to find their sister, Amanda's birth parish.

When in Sointula, Katri Riksman wrote newspaper articles--I know she submitted some to a Finnish-Canadian newspaper in Ontario, Canada, but may also have sent articles to Finland. Matti Kurikka also had a newspaper in Sointula--she may have written for it as well.

Thanks again for your help,

Re(12): Riksman, Karkas
Posted on May 27, 2003 at 03:24:53 AM by Harri Blomberg

... Correction... I can not count... Katri Riksman, born Pekkola 1879, came to USA one year after her husband Matti Riksman... not three... excuse... Regards Harri


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