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Post-emigration confusion
Posted on August 13, 2002 at 03:05:11 PM by Debbie Halinen Santelli

What a wonderful new message board! My comments:

I, too, was experiencing what seemed initially to be a lack of available information about my family members. What I have learned is that I cannot allow my limited understanding of life and the world to negatively impact my genealogical research (which focuses primarily on Finland).

Against my nature, I have had to study a good deal more history: of the land and people and the many variables impacting their migration and the new lands to which they went. I am certain that a visit to Ostrobothnia will be most helpful -- being there amidst the farms and the citizens, with their personal stories, “skeletons in closets”, etc. will certainly aid in the overall picture I come away with.

I had a very limited understanding of patronymic names, farm names, etc., and I still do. I struggle with the surnames of ancestors. My previous searches turned up nothing, because I lacked fundamental understanding. Thanks to the generous people who began researching long before me, I can now boast greater awareness concerning farm names, and in turn, I have discovered more names hanging out in our family tree (originating in the Vörå/Vaasa area): Aagaard, Grontved, Starholm, Kul, Moller, Bouet, Holms, Kock, Murkais, Häfflof, Kneck, Ohlis, Nygård, Norrgard, Bol or Boel, Twede and Smidt. There were also combinations of farm names: like Hägglof-Kneck, Kock-Holms and Murkais-Pahis (per my newly-found distant relative, Eugene Halvorson, of Utah). I would not have looked at any of these names, had I not been provided with historical information first.

With the aid of helpful people met in this process (you know who you are), I am piecing together a most amazing puzzle of family information and related stories, impacting my ability to continue expanding the story -- for myself and for others.

I had fully expected that once I found the wealth of information held in some secret repository, the pieces would all fall together -- as if there was some magical place hiding all of the truths I sought. Amusingly, in many cases, I haven't found what I'd hoped to find, but I have increased my ability to understand through the anecdotes disclosed by others who have shared a similar environment with my ancestors.

Do tell others about the potential connections and education made possible through postings to message boards such as this one. As I accumulate data concerning the Terjarv and Vörå areas, as well as locations here in the United States, I look forward to adding every scrap of information possible. To anyone who reads this – thank you for visiting, and for sharing all you can.

I no longer search only for Smedjebackas, Holmses, Halinens, Isannainens, etc. There were many people and farms with names I have yet to discover. If you have any clues at all to share, or if you seek information about people and places, get busy and post your questions and/or knowledge. Can’t wait to read what is yet to come.....

Re(1): Post-emigration confusion
Posted on August 13, 2002 at 05:44:17 PM by David Webb

hello. you mentioned surnames Kock, Norrgård and Nygård.

Do you have any of these (Name, date of birth, place of birth, date of death, place of death):

KOCK, Abraham E 15 Oct 1783 Kock, Norra Vallgrund, Replot, Finland 20 Oct 1828 Vallgrund, Replot, Finland
KOCK, Abraham J 9 Mar 1830 Norra Vallgrund, Replot, Finland
KOCK, Anders A 16 Sep 1813
KOCK, Anders A 28 Apr 1843
KOCK, Anders M Abt 1730 Björkö, Replot, Finland 13 Dec 1777 Norra Vallgrund, Replot, Finland
KOCK, Anna J 23 Oct 1737 Vallgrund, Replot, Finland 3 Jun 1814 Korsholm, Finland
KOCK, Anna Maria 1815 Replot, Finland
KOCK, Brita Lisa 1828 Replot, Finland
KOCK, Erik 1789 Replot, Finland 1820 Replot, Finland
KOCK, Erik Andersson 1761 Norra Vallgrund, Replot, Finland 25 Mar 1809 Kock, Norra Vallgrund, Replot, Finland
KOCK, Gabriel Forsman
KOCK, Gustav 1848 Replot, Finland
KOCK, Herman A CS 22 Jun 1866 Gerby, Korsholm, Finland 28 May 1919 Cary Location, Hurley, Wisconsin, USA
KOCK, Johan Eric J 21 Oct 1828 Norra Vallgrund, Replot, Finland
KOCK, Johan Erik A 2 Jul 1805 Norra Vallgrund, Replot, Finland 16 Jun 1868 Kock, Norra Vallgrund, Replot, Finland
KOCK, Johan Grym
KOCK, Jonas 1803 Replot, Finland
KOCK, Maria A 24 Mar 1857 Gerby, Korsholm, Finland 21 Jun 1903 Kvevlax, Korsholm, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Abraham 11 Aug 1791 Västervik, Korsholm, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Anna B E 1 Nov 1794 Västervik, Korsholm, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Anna M E 18 Sep 1807 Västervik, Korsholm, Finland Västervik, Korsholm, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Anna M M Nov 1829
NORRGÅRD, Beata C 10 Feb 1796 Vallgrund, Replot, Finland 1846 Korsholm, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Caisa S M 18 Jul 1833 Vallgrund, Replot, Finland 1835 Vallgrund, Replot, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Eva E 20 Nov 1799 Västervik, Korsholm, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Eva M 3 Aug 1831 1834 Vallgrund, Replot, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Herman I 15 May 1859 Gerby, Korsholm, Finland 1893 Etna, WA, USA
NORRGÅRD, Isaac W A 18 Aug 1825 Gerby, Korsholm, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Johan E 27 Apr 1797 Västervik, Korsholm, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Johan M 30 Jul 1826
NORRGÅRD, Johanna I 8 Aug 1856
NORRGÅRD, K Greta F 1851 Replot, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Karolina I 8 Sep 1853
NORRGÅRD, M C 8 Aug 1800 Vallgrund, Replot, Finland Aft 1862
NORRGÅRD, Maria E 30 Mar 1787 Västervik, Korsholm, Finland
NORRGÅRD, Maria I 4 Aug 1849
NORRGÅRD, Maria Sofi 4 Mar 1887 28 Sep 1964
NORRGÅRD, Michel E 3 Nov 1802 Västervik, Korsholm, Finland 1835
NORRGÅRD, Michel M 16 Aug 1828
NORRGÅRD, Michel M Sep 1834
NORRGÅRD, Wendla I 18 Apr 1862 Räf, Gerby, Korsholm, Finland 22 Feb 1924 Etna, WA, USA
NYGÅRD, Abraham 1797 Replot, Finland 1868 Replot, Finland
NYGÅRD, Anna Greta E
NYGÅRD, Anna Maria E 7 Jul 1770 Replot, Finland 11 Jan 1810 Gerby, Korsholm, Finland
NYGÅRD, Beata N 1816 Replot, Finland
NYGÅRD, Johan Erik 1846 Replot, Finland
NYGÅRD, Johan Israel 1816 Replot, Finland 1894 Replot, Finland

Regards, DJW.

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