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Posted on May 6, 2003 at 10:13:58 PM by Kathy

LONNBERG... Kristinestads Vaasa
Looking for record of ggf leaving Finland to live in the UK as he was a mariner where would the record be kept for his exit and or marriage to Sarah Ellen?
Gustav Adolph b 23/11/1849 to Carl Gustav and Maja Greta Sundnas m 11/1/1846.


Re(1): Lonnberg
Posted on May 7, 2003 at 12:42:27 PM by Staffan Storteir

Hi Kathy,

I'll do searches in the local archives sometimes in June with the expert help of sea captain Jouni Harju in Kristinestad. He is the curator of the Maritime Museum and has taken good care of the collected documents of the Seaman's House in Kristinestad.

The name Sundnäs also catches my attention. It is wellknown from Skaftung village as the name of a farm and last name of a lot of persons from Skaftung (Sideby). Can you possibly specify more names and dates or other useful information if you like to get your ancestors identified from our local genealogy sources? I found one Maja Greta (also known as Maria Margareta) at Sundnäs, but her birth date 04.08.1816 might be too early. Incidentally, her family line has not been followed forwards in the available written sources.

Your ggf:s marriage must be searched from the church books of Kristinestads stadsförsamling on microfiches. Church records are currently only partly online at the HisKi database. I'll ask a local genealogist to search microfiches.



Voyages 1868-1874 of Gustaf Adolf Lönnberg b. 23.11.1899 in Kristinestad
Posted on June 16, 2003 at 01:13:40 PM by Staffan Storteir

Hi Kathy,

Jouni Harju of the Maritime Museum of Kristinestad kindly provided the following information which he found in the archives of the Seamen's House of Kristinestad re the voyages of your great grandfather. I have added information from Norrvik 1999.

Gustaf Adolf Lönnberg b. 23.11.1849 in Kristinestad signed onto the barque ANTO in Kristinestad on September 14 1868 as a deckhand and his salary was 20 Finnish marks a month. This voyage of ANTO in command of J.W. Ramström lasted about two years. On the last passage ANTO took mixed cargo to Trinidad and sugar on the return passage to Greenock. She arrived back in Kristinestad on July 12 1870.

The barque ANTO (299 lasts) was built in Kristinestad in 1866 in charge of the shipbuilder A.G. Östman on a drawing by the Danish constructor Julius Johan Fredrik Bustorff signed in Sastmola in November 1865. Owned by C.G. Hydén, G.E. Strandman and E.A. Tötterman and from Hydéns death in 1870 by his son Gustaf Hydén. First captains were Johan Wilhelm Ramström (1866-1872), F.O. Hillström (1872-1874). Grounded 13.11.1885 at Conch reef, Florida and was then condemned

He signed onto the barque ANTO again on August 6 1870 as an ordinary sailor with a salary of 30 marks and about one week later ANTO left for a passage to the Mediterranian Sea.

He signed onboard the barkship CAROLINA in Kristinestad on August 25 1873(?) as an able seaman with a salary of 50 marks for passage to Barcelona. On January 25 1874 he jumped ship in Savannah.

The barque CAROLINA (260 lasts) was built in Kristinestad in 1866. Owned by Carl Emil Carlström and others. First captains were Anders Hjalmar Hjulman, his brother Johan Edvard Hjulman from 1872 to 1883. Classed by Bureau Veritas for Atlantic trade. Usually she took cargo like wooden products and then salt on her return passage. Sold in Valencia in 1887.

Source of information about the ships:

- Norrvik, Christer: Stad under segel. Kristinestads sjöfart efter 1809. Kristinestad 1999.
- Photos by courtesy of Olle Haavisto.

There are links to paintings of the ships from the page http://sydaby.eget.net/mar/lonnberg.htm .

Best regards,


Correction to Voyages 1868-1874 of Gustaf Adolf Lönnberg b. 23.11.1849 in Kristinestad
Posted on June 16, 2003 at 01:50:42 PM by Staffan Storteir

Correction to Voyages 1868-1874 of Gustaf Adolf Lönnberg b. 23.11.1899 in Kristinestad

ought to be:

Voyages 1868-1874 of Gustaf Adolf Lönnberg b. 23.11.1849 in Kristinestad


Voyages 1868-1874 of Gustaf Adolf Lönnberg


Re(1): Voyages 1868-1874 of Gustaf Adolf Lönnberg b. 23.11.1899 in Kristinestad
Posted on June 16, 2003 at 08:07:59 PM by KATHY

Thank you Steffan and Houni.Your wealth of knowledge astounds me and I am very grateful.
Well at least you confirmed he was a seaman!!I am still searching the UK for his marriage to Sarah Ellen? It seems amazing that the records are no where to be found.
Thank you so much

Maria Margareta (aka Maja Greta) Henriksdotter Sundnäs
Posted on May 9, 2003 at 03:03:51 PM by Staffan Storteir

If the Maja Greta Sundnäs who married Carl Gustaf Lönnberg was born on 4.8.1816 we get:

Matz Larsson, probably father of Eric according to Nybond 1998
Eric Matson Strandman b. 1701 - Lisa Thomasdotter b.1709
Jacob Ericsson Strandman-Sundnäs b, 1734 - Margareta Mattsdotter b. 1728
Jacob was a pilot (sw. lots), and founder of the Sundnäs settlement and farm in Skaftung. They had 8 children and Eric was child nr V.

Eric Jacobsson Sundnäs b.20.2.1765 - Margaretha Henriksdtr Demasör b. 8.3.1771 They had 3 children and Anna Greta was nr. II
Anna Greta Eriksdotter Sundnäs b.17.7.1793 - Henrik Andersson Östberg b.13.1.1788 in Sideby. They had 7 children (2 died at birth). The fates of four of the children are known (Nybond 1998), but child nr. II Maria Margareta has not been followed up by Nybond.
Maria Margareta (aka Maja Greta) Henriksdotter Sundnäs b.4.8.1816 married to(?) Carl Gustaf Lönnberg b. abt 1814

Maja Greta´s paternal grandparents:
Anders Öst(er)berg b. 1752 - Anna Kajsa Matsdotter 28.10 (28.5) 1761
According to the church books 1807-1813 Anders was born in Mouhijärvi. They had three children. Henrik was nr. I. They lived in Sideby; at Rosnäs from 1800.

There are some variations in the dates of birth (and dates of death) in the church books which may account for some differences between the dates in the two sources below.

Nybond, Gunnar. (1998). Skaftung by i Kristinestad. Släkterna Sundnäs och Teirfolk. ISBN 952-90-9583-X, Vasa.
Holmberg, Karl-Axel. (1986) Mål och bygd i Sideby. Almqvist & Wiksell International, Stockholm.

Re(2): Lonnberg
Posted on September 23, 2003 at 01:18:46 AM by Kathy

Hi Staffan, still havent been able to find Gustaf Adolph Lonnberg leaving Savannah for the UK.
Have found an interesting site along the journey though.
It contains huge amount of info on ships in most UK ports 1881 .
hope you will have a look as the info is amazing.


Re(3): Lonnberg
Posted on July 28, 2004 at 07:22:21 PM by Folke Sundnäs

Are You looking for some one specific?

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