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Looking for Father's family
Posted on May 5, 2003 at 10:20:51 PM by Diana Lind

My father was born April 21,1900 in Vaasa but there is no record of him in that parish. They think he changed his name.I have a record he came to the USA in 1926.He was a merchant marine and in the Coast Gaurd. I am hoping to find some record and verify his name.


Re(1): Looking for Father's family
Posted on May 6, 2003 at 10:08:44 AM by Staffan Storteir

Hi Diane,

There can of course be several reasons they did not find him from Vasa.

(1) The town of Vasa/Vaasa (sometimes misspelled Vassa in US records) and the former province of Vasa (Vasa/Vaasa län/lääni) containing a lot of parishes are sometimes mixed in US records.

(2) His name may have been shortened from some Lind- name for instance

Vaasa - Vasa - christened:

Father's last name: LIND => Lindbäck, Lindgren, Lindqvist, Lind, Lindbom, Lindström, Lindholm, Lindroth, Lindstrand, Lindberg, Lindbohm, Lindbeck, Lindahl, Lindeqvist, Linderoth, Lindroos, Lindebäck, Lindell, Lindskog, Lindman, Lindola, Lindros,

but it might be rewarding to search enrolment lists of Vasa for Erik/Erkki Lind- . Documents of the Seaman's House are deposited in the provincial archive: Vasa landsarkiv Smedsbyvägen 2, Vasa
web page http://www.narc.fi/ma/vma/svehtml/index.htm in Finnish and Swedish only
Mail: Vasa landsarkiv PB 240, 65101 Vasa, Finland
e-mail: vaasa@narc.fi

They help with searches and you can get copies of documents but they charge a fee for it.



Re(2): Looking for Father's family
Posted on May 6, 2003 at 09:56:56 PM by Diana Lind

Thank you Staffan Storteir for your help. I am so fortunate to be going to Finland in June and have recently found some family on my mother's side in Rautalampi.


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