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karling surname
Posted on May 19, 2003 at 03:34:22 PM by karen mattson

I have made several attempts before to search my grandfather Abraham Karling born in Rantsila 24.12.1875 with few results except for the Institute of Migration info and I would like more info on his family in Rantsila. Is there anyone out there who can help me? Thank you, Karen Mattson Vicinanza


Re(1): karling surname
Posted on May 24, 2003 at 07:12:19 PM by Harri Blomberg

Terve Karen!

When I use the genealogic research “Hiski” I find in Rantsila two children Jacob and Agneta who was born the year 1738 and 1740 with the father Soldier Jacob Jacobsson Carling and the mother Lisa Påhlsdotter. It is a problem, Hiski show only the period 1722-1745. But you can see two things, first it is very usual to write Karling with C... Carling (When I was children our neighbour had the name Carling, the father come from Finland. The other thing is that Carling was soldier, maybe all soldiers in Rantsila during 1800- and 1900 century under this file use the name Carling? Today you can find the surname Karling in Sipola, one part of Rantsila. I find one post address; I shall use it and try if the lady maybe can be your relative... the answer from here to me in Sweden will take some time, if she will and can answer me.


Re(2): karling surname
Posted on June 8, 2003 at 05:56:32 AM by Harri Blomberg

Terve Karen!

I got a mail from the daugther to the person I wrote to in Finland. Her father had know much about the family, but he do not live anymore. She does not remember any Abraham Karling, but she find a family member in America some years ago. Maybe he will knew anything (I will send you his address)? His “grandmother” was Anna Karling. I find this in the Detailed passport information - Institute of Migration in Finland.

Last name: Karling
First names: Anna Liisa Iisakint.
Birth date: . .1879
Marital status: 1
Religion: Lut.
Occupation: Itsellinen
Home parish: Rantsila
Province: OU (Oulu or Uleåborg)
Passport date: 16.05.1900
Passport number: 682
Passport valid (year:month): 5:0
Destination: Amerikka
Passport issued by: OU

If you believe that he has the same roots like you contact him.


Ps. The Finnish writer also talk about one person in Finland who probably knew something more about the family, but she did not had any post address Ds.

Re(3): karling surname
Posted on June 9, 2003 at 09:13:29 AM by Harri Blomberg

Karen, thanks for your letters. When we knew that Abraham's father was Iisakki (Isak) and that he was a three to four years older brother to Anna Liisa it can be interesting to see if the rest of surnames Karling´s in journals of Institute of Migration in Finland are relatives to this two in the same family.

Detailed passenger information tells us about:

Last name: Karling
First names: Jacob
Age or age class: 1M
Port of departure: Oulu (Uleåborg)
Place of destination: New York
State of destination: NY
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: USD 37
Ship from Finland: Polaris
Date of departure from Finland: 13.01.1900
Ocean Line: American Linen
List and page: 7/35

And detailed passport information in the Institute of Migration, will tell us that he was not a brother to them, maybe some cousin, because he also came from Rantsila:

Last name: Karling
First names Jaakko Juhonpoika (Jakob Johansson).
Birth date: . .1880
Occupation: Itsellinen (Dependent tenant)
Home parish: Rantsila
Province: OU (Oulu/Uleåborg)
Passport date: 09.01.1900
Passport number: 9
Passport valid (year:month): 2:0
Destination: Amerikka
Passport issued by: OU

And we also find him on Ellis Island the last days of January 1900:

Name: Karling, Jakob
Ethnicity: Finn
Place of Residence: Finland
Date of Arrival: January 29, 1900
Age of Arrival: 19
Gender: M
Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: St. Louis
Port of Departure: Southampton, Southampton shire, England, UK

If we look at original pages (I send them to you) we will see that he travelled to his brother Sakaria (Zacharias?) in Wakefield, Michigan with only four dollars in the pocket.

We will also find another Karling from Rantsila. The Institute of Migration's detailed passport information give us this:

Last name: Karling
First names: Walpuri
Birth date: 29.08.1835 (?, because passenger list say that she was birth around 1843-1844)
Marital status: 3
Religion: Lut.
Occupation: Sotilaan lki (Sotilaan leski - The soldier's widow)
Home parish: Rantsila
Province: OU (Oulu/Uleåborg)
Passport date: 20.04.1903
Passport number: 833
Passport valid: (year:month) 5:0
Destination: Amerikka
Passport issued by: OU

I believe that she most be a mother to Abraham and Anna Liisa or to Jakob and Zacharias. Maybe her son's or daughter paid the ticket after their father - the soldier - died in Rantsila. Very beautiful to not leave the mother alone in Finland, very usual when children left for America. Institute of Migration in Finland's detailed passenger information give us this:

Last name: Karling
First names: Walpuri (Valborg)
Age or age class: 59
Port of departure: Hanko (Hangö)
Place of destination: Boston
State of destination: MA
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: USD 34
Ship from Finland: Urania
Date of departure from Finland: 29.04.1903
Ship from England: Mayflower
Date of departure from England: 07.05.1903
Ocean Line: Dominion Line
List and page: 30/27

I have not yet find anything about Anna Liisa or Walpuri and their arrival facts in USA, but maybe we will find something later?


Re(4): karling surname
Posted on June 11, 2003 at 07:23:13 AM by Harri Blomberg

Aha, Sakari or Zacharias Karling had a wife. The Institute of Migration´s detailed reference information tell us:

Last name: Karling
First names: Susanna
Other names: Lohikoski (o.s.)
Date of birth: 03.01.1873
Place of birth: Kurikka
State of birth: VAA (Vaasa/Vasa)
Country of birth: SF (Finland)
Date of death: 02.09.1948
Place of death: Wakefield
State of death: MI (Michigan)
Country of death: USA

References: - Siirtokansan kalenteri 1949: s. 159 - "Tuonen viljaa".
Remarks: Husband: Zacharias Karling (d. 12.1933). Marriage: 18.11.1894 Ironwood, Michigan. Children: 12 (26 children's children). KS: Wakefield, MI, USA.

Wakefield, Michigan is about 50 km from where Abraham Karling had his farm. (Information I got from Karen). Karen, maybe you have many relatives in the States?

Re(5): karling surname
Posted on June 11, 2003 at 09:13:27 AM by Harri Blomberg

”Suzanna and Zacharius Karling were in Wakefield in Michigan. Zacharius (Zachary) Karling was born in Finland in 1871 and came to Han#### in Michigan 1891.”

Information from: http://www.cousinconnect.com/d/a/1801

Re(6): karling surname
Posted on June 27, 2003 at 11:11:24 AM by Harri Blomberg

Happy end... Karen wrote a letter to me and tell that her Karling mystery is solved. A kind Finnish man sent her all the info she needed to know about her grandfather, Abraham Karling. He must have taken the info directly from the Parish records because he also talks about the Communion books. He didn't tell her where he saw her request and he mailed his info directly to her. Anyway, the Anna Karling was her grandfather's sister and their father was Isak Karling.

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