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Gylden, Virrat/North Dakota
Posted on October 10, 2003 at 03:11:49 PM by Tiina Kaltiainen

Hi! I'm looking for any information of John Gylden, born in Virrat, Finland in 1867 and died in Wing, North Dakota in 1942. Most likely a brother of my great grandmother Maria Gylden. Any information of he or his descentants are most welcome.


Re(1): Gylden, Virrat/North Dakota
Posted on October 10, 2003 at 10:03:10 PM by Sandra Johnson Witt

Ira Glazier (Russians to America 1850-1896) lists a Johan Gyldin (age 26, from Finland, farmer, literate, last residence Hango, port of departure Liverpool, steerage, purpose of trip: Staying in America, destination MI) who arrived in the U.S. on 12/12/1892 on the S/S Etruria.

Information about this ship can be found at the following website: http://www.norwayheritage.com/p_ship.asp?sh=etrur

Could this be your relative?

Sandy Johnson Witt
Gainesville, Florida


Re(2): Gylden, Virrat,Finland/North Dakota
Posted on October 12, 2003 at 04:47:50 AM by Tiina Kaltiainen

Hi! Thanks. he could be my relative. John Gylden I'm looking for is born 1867 so at that time(1892) he was around 26. I have very little information about him and now looking for the person from US who could know about him more. Someone has put his birth and death date into the onegreatfamily.com, but I can't get access to further info due to it's paid site.

Re(3): Gylden, Virrat,Finland/North Dakota
Posted on October 12, 2003 at 05:49:21 PM by Sandra Johnson Witt

John H. Gylden is listed in the 1930 census for Lyman (Burleigh County), North Dakota as a 63-year-old white male (head of household) who was born in Finland.

I don't have immediate access to census records, but can attempt to obtain the information from the North Dakota census if you think this may be your relative.

Sandy Johnson Witt


Re(1): Gylden, Virrat/North Dakota
Posted on October 13, 2003 at 08:13:25 PM by Kevin

Hi Tiina,
John Gylden appears in the 1900 census in Precinct 1, Calumet Township, Houghton County, Michigan. Here's the information on the family:

John Gylden, b.Mar 1867, married 3 years. Born Finland and both parents born in Finland. Occupation: Miner. He immigrated in 1893 and was still an alien in 1900.

Susan wife, b. Aug 1879, 3 children, 2 living. Born Finland and both parents born in Finland. She immigrated in 1887.

Son, Seth, born Oct 1896 in Michigan.
Unnamed child (female) born May 1900 in Michigan.

Hope this helps!



Re(4): Gylden, Virrat,Finland/North Dakota
Posted on October 21, 2003 at 07:55:33 AM by Tiina Kaltiainen

Hi! Thanks for the information! John really is my relative. I just learned that he is one of the four children which moved to US and only one sister (my great grandmother) stayed in Finland. Other siblings in to US are Anna Karoliina born in 1861, Hilda born 1864 and Seth born 1870. I only have found Hildas descentants, others are still lost.





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Taipale "Arvi" and Liisa
Posted on September 11, 2003 at 07:04:10 AM by esa

Missing this couple from the early 1900´s. Liisa came to New York about 1906 and got married in the US. Liisa was born 1886. maiden name Hautamäki.

  • Re(1): Taipale- By Staffan Storteir September 11, 2003 at 11:30:02 AM

Re(1): Taipale
Posted on September 11, 2003 at 11:30:02 AM by Staffan Storteir


Liisa Hautamäki from Haapajärvi can be followed both from the Emigant Register

Institute of Migration
Detailed passenger information

Last name
First names
Age or age class
Port of departure
Place of destination
New York
State of destination
Country of destination
Price of ticket
FIM 216
Ship from Finland
Date of departure from Finland
Ship from England
Date of departure from England
Ocean Line
White Star Line
Port of departure in England
List and page

and from Ellis Island:

Name: Hautamake, Liisa
Ethnicity: Finland, Finnish
Place of Residence: Haopojarvi
Date of Arrival: October 03, 1906
Age on Arrival:19y
Gender: F
Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Oceanic
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England, UK

I will attach an image where you can see her contact name and address in New Jersey because it is somewhat difficult to read.



Contact in New Jersey






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Isak Heinonen
Posted on September 6, 2003 at 07:39:29 AM by Erja Viuhkola

Isak Heinonen

My mother's grandfather Isak Heinonen was born 1.1.1870(or 1.2.1870) in Pyhäjärvi in Finland. His parents were Zefanias and Erika Heinonen. Isak was married with Kaisa Lisa Luonua on the 28th of December in 1897 in Kärsämäki. They had their first daughter Hellin Maria, my grandmother, on the 26th of 1898 in Kärsämäki. The second daughter Tyyra Selina was born on the 15th of January in 1901. The third daughter Leeni Esteri was born on the 12th of March in 1906 after Isak was left to America.
Isak was a good carpenter and he made beautiful furniture to his family, but the beginning of 1900 was very hard time in our country. Isak decided to travel to America for better life. His passport was given on the 6th of March in 1906 from Kuopio Finland and number was 138. Isak travelled from Hanko on the 10th of March in 1906 on a ship named Urania to England and there on the ship Ivernia of Cunard Line to Boston. The ship arrived to Boston on the 12th of April in 1906. Isak was going to the place called Rockland (ME). He sent his family a letter with tickets to America, but his wife Kaisa didn't want to travel. Isak didn't write ever again. My grandmother Hellin thought a lot about her father and waited for him to come back with a doll to her.
But Isak didn't travel alone. There was another Isak Heinonen, who was born on the 20th of December in 1888 in Pyhäjärvi Finland. He was the oldest son of Isak's brother Henrik. His passport number was 137. Krister Björklund from Finnish Immigration Institute wrote me that these both Isak travelled by so called prepaid tickets and numbers were 306587 and 306588. The agent was the same: Harjula. I have found out that this Harjula sent many tickets to America and all those people travelled to the Rockland (ME).
I would be happy to find at last my relatives.



Re(1): Isak Heinonen
Posted on September 6, 2003 at 04:04:17 PM by Staffan Storteir

Hi Erja,

I asked Alicia Koski Marshall in Michigan, who is very experienced in tracing immigrants, for help. It seems she can't find your Isak Heinonen, but because her message is so informative and covers her exhaustive searches I will include it here.
Hi Staffan,
I have heard that your weather has been hot also. Today is is near 80
degreees , unusual for September in Northern Michigan.
I have not had any luck on Isak/Isaac Heinonen's name for the census. The
two that I find are the wrong ages and emigrant dates (unless they lied on
both dates) One in Illinois was 58 in 1930 and stated that he emigrated in
1903. The other one was age 73 in Washington state.
I tried every variation, Heino, Hainonen, Heinanan and came up with nothing
in Maine either. I even tried the SSDI for name on his birth date(s) and
I am including what little I did find, first the canadian records then the
SSDI death records for all Isaac's born in 1870.Sometimes it is frustrating
trying to find what they "altered" their name to.

British Columbia Death Index: 1872 to 1979
Viewing records 1-9 of 9 Matches

Name Gender Age Death Date Place of Death Registration # BCA # GSU #
HEINONEN, ISAAC Male 82 26 September 1956 ALERT BAY 1956-09-010972
B13229 2033105
HEINONEN, JUHO VICTOR Male 83 14 May 1973 VERNON 1973-09-007222
B13325 2050138
1954-09-001473 B13218 2032872
HEINONEN, MARGARET Female 77 21 November 1957 ALERT BAY
1957-09-012929 B13234 2033184
1953-09-001033 B13214 2032863
1928-09-407047 B13134 1952313
1975-09-016054 B13346 2050528
HEINONEN, RAUHA Female 87 8 November 1975 VERNON 1975-09-016993
B13346 2050528
HEINONEN, WILLIAM A Male 76 28 April 1978 SALMON ARM 1978-09-007286
B13585 2051144

Soc. Sec. Death Index
ISAAC B ALLEN 4 Oct 1870 6 Nov 1964 OK (Before 195) 448-01-5453
ISAAC APPEL 9 Sep 1870 Jan 1963 CA (1952) 556-46-6590
ISAAC BARNDT 18 Jun 1870 Sep 1964 PA (Before 195) 197-14-2121
ISAAC BUZARD 7 Nov 1870 Oct 1965 PA (Before 195) 170-16-3553
ISAAC CARR 10 Dec 1870 Jan 1963 NY (1951 And 1) 086-28-2959
ISAAC CHILDS 19 Jan 1870 Jan 1963 MA (Before 195) 033-07-7256
ISAAC CLARK 1 Feb 1870 Jan 1964 OR (Before 195) 543-14-1503
ISAAC CONNART 17 Aug 1870 Jan 1964 IL (Before 195) 321-18-7639
ISAAC CURRY 31 Oct 1870 Oct 1963 RR (Before 195) 722-05-9213
ISAAC DOWNS 2 Aug 1870 Dec 1964 OH (1952 And 1) 271-32-0398

ISAAC DUNN 29 Jul 1870 May 1966 Lynnwood, Snohomish, WA WA (1963)
ISAAC ECHTERNACH 7 Apr 1870 Mar 1967 Sterling, Whiteside, IL IL
(1965) 354-42-5781
ISAAC EDMANDS 3 Jul 1870 Dec 1967 Edgartown, Dukes, MA FL (1954)
ISAAC ESTES 10 Jan 1870 15 Apr 1968 Fairfield, Jefferson, IA IA (1965)
ISAAC FRANK Sep 1870 7 Jan 1953 NY (Before 195) 051-14-2726
ISAAC GORDON 21 Dec 1870 Dec 1963 NC (Before 195) 237-22-9569
ISAAC GRAHAM 12 Sep 1870 May 1966 Jacksonville, Onslow, NC NC
(Before 195) 244-28-9959
ISAAC GROVES 2 Feb 1870 Sep 1971 Franklin, Simpson, KY TN (1955)
ISAAC HESS 13 Oct 1870 May 1963 PA (Before 195) 202-07-0026
ISAAC HIRSCH 15 May 1870 15 Nov 1966 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA CA
(1963) 558-72-1025
Name Birth Date Death Date Last Residence
(City,County,State) Issued SSN Save
This? Order

ISAAC HOGE 28 May 1870 Jan 1963 OH (Before 195) 301-22-5387
ISAAC LITTLE 25 Mar 1870 Apr 1968 Beverly, Essex, MA MA (Before 195)
ISAAC LONG 5 Apr 1870 Sep 1967 Franklinton, Washington, LA TX
(Before 195) 465-07-4641
ISAAC MCRAE 19 Feb 1870 Oct 1971 Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA CA
(Before 195) 569-26-4587
ISAAC MCWADE 11 Nov 1870 Dec 1973 Marion, Crittenden, KY KY (1965)
ISAAC MITCHELL 7 Aug 1870 Sep 1962 CA (Before 195) 555-32-3902
ISAAC NECHES 7 Nov 1870 Jun 1966 Miami, Miami-dade, FL NY (Before
195) 125-18-4193
ISAAC NORTON 24 Jul 1870 Jul 1964 TN (1958) 412-66-0388
ISAAC NORTON 28 Apr 1870 Sep 1967 Mineral Point, Iowa, WI WI (1961
And 1) 396-44-9630
ISAAC E PARMENTER 20 Mar 1870 15 May 1966 Boone, Boone, IA IA (1963)
ISAAC PERLZWEIG 12 Feb 1870 Oct 1966 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA CA
(Before 195) 556-28-0291
ISAAC SHEPHERD 18 Mar 1870 15 Dec 1966 Bruce, Calhoun, MS MS (1965)
ISAAC SIMON 15 Aug 1870 Apr 1972 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY NY (1965
And 1) 126-40-7303
ISAAC TUCHLER 1 Jul 1870 Sep 1962 CA (Before 195) 566-14-8575
ISAAC VANHORN 24 Sep 1870 Aug 1963 IN (Before 195) 314-09-5208
ISAAC VANLARE 10 Nov 1870 Feb 1963 NY (Before 195) 114-18-2715
ISAAC VIGODSKY 10 Jul 1870 Jan 1967 Brooklyn, Kings, NY NY (Before
195) 092-16-2875
ISAAC WALKER 17 Mar 1870 Jul 1969 Nebraska City, Otoe, NE NE (1965)
ISAAC WILL 11 Feb 1870 Dec 1967 Broadway, Rockingham, VA VA (Before
195) 230-16-2388
ISAAC WOLF 9 Jul 1870 Apr 1971 Miami, Miami-dade, FL NC (Before 195)

Name Birth Date Death Date Last Residence
(City,County,State) Issued SSN Save
This? Order

ISAAC ZARCH 8 Dec 1870 Apr 1968 New York, New York, NY NY (1967)


Re(2): Isak Heinonen
Posted on September 7, 2003 at 05:20:39 AM by Erja Viuhkola

Hi Staffan,
I was so happy to have your answer. The list was great, but I think that the fundamental idea is that these both Isak travelled together, because the younger Isak was only 19. If I find one of them I found them both. There were at least six Isak Heinonen who travelled to America on the early days of 1900. I think that the surname must be near Heinonen but the first name could have changed, because my mother's grandfather had some nick names as Iisakki or Iikka. Therefore I think it could have been Jack, because it is so near our pronunciation.
These two Isak had also relatives in America:
My grandmother's father had a brother Herman (b.31.5.1874) who travelled to Dagget (MI) USA in1902 and the younger Isak had a brother Heikki (b.11.6.1893) who travelled to Canada. Recording the parish of Pyhäjärvi he died there on the 19th of November in 1977.
Summer is good time to meet relatives. I met my uncle Eino in July. He told me that it was on the 1950, when there came a man to a farm in Kärsämäki. He transmitted grandfather Isak's greetings to his relatives. Eino claimed that this man told that Isak had a carpenter shop in Mississippi. Grandmother got an address and she wrote a letter to him, but she got any answer. Unfortunately no one can tell that address to me. My mother didn't know anything about this, because she didn't live in Kärsämäki then.
I have found these both Isak names in a microfilm of Mormons. It was a passenger list of Cunard Boston and the numbers of the tickets were the same that I got from the Finnish Immigration Institute. Can they be found with these ticket numbers?

Re(3): Isak Heinonen
Posted on September 9, 2003 at 05:07:21 PM by Staffan Storteir


Yes, I think I understand your reasoning, let us see what one can find out more online.


Finding Passenger Arrival Records at the Port of Boston, Massachusetts 1820-1943


This page lists the available passenger records, both indexes and the passenger lists themselves, for the
port of Boston from 1820 to 1943. Except where noted, the microfilm rolls listed on this page can be
ordered from the LDS Family History Library (FHL) at local Family History Centers for viewing and
photocopying for a small fee. You can also find the microfilm rolls at the US National Archives (NARA) and
some of its branches. Some genealogical libraries also carry them.

Indexes on Microfilm 1899-1940

Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston, MA, Jan. 1, 1902--June 30, 1906; T521, 11 rolls.

Complete List of These Rolls with Both NARA & FHL Microfilm Numbers http://home.att.net/%7Ewee-monster/boston1902.html

Part One: 1902-June 1906

Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Boston, MA, Jan. 1, 1902--June 30, 1906; T521, 11 rolls.

NARA # is the catalog number for the National Archives
FHL # is the catalog number for the Family History Library in Salt Lake City -- these can be ordered for viewing at any local
Family History Center

This is an alphabetical index...

NARA # Covers FHL # Another FHL Copy*
T521-1 Aakvik, Emil, J.--Bradley, Jos. 1324975 or 1205455
T521-2 Bradshaw--Crodin, Cornelius 1324974 or 1205456
T521-3 Cronshaw--Ferrante, Ignazio 1324976 or 1205457
T521-4 Ferranti--Harris 1324977 or 1205458
T521-5 Harris, Raymond--Keene, Mary 1324978 or 1205459
T521-6 Keene, Mary--McDuff, James 1324979 or 1205460
T521-7 McDuff, Hugh--Nilson, C. Paulrna 1324980 or 1205461
T521-8 Nilsson, Ernst--Quinlan, Mary 1324981 or 1205462
T521-9 Quist, Joseph F.--Solimene, Sabath 1324982 or 1205463
T521-10 Sollitto, Gaetano--Wechsler, Nissen 1324983 or 1205464
T521-11 Weeder, John R.--Zullo, Sabato 1324984 or 1205465

*If you have trouble reading the first roll, then order the second -- both contain the same material

It means that one should search the Heinonens arriving at the Port of Boston on the 12th of April in 1906 from the microfilm roll NARA # T521-5 Harris, Raymond--Keene, Mary FHL # 1324978 or Another FHL Copy* 1205459

, though I don't know if one can get any useful information from the roll in addition to that available which is that the destination was Rockland (ME).

It looks like the passenger lists of the Cunard line to Boston are also available in Turku: http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/emi322e.htm The lists are archived in the Manuscript Department of Åbo Akademi
University Library, Turku, Finland.

I will keep your information which points to Missisippi in mind. I can't imagine that the ticket numbers per se are useful for further searches in th US.


Re(4): Isak Heinonen
Posted on September 9, 2003 at 08:03:13 PM by Staffan Storteir

Hi again,

I found a page containing notes with apparently two different Isaac Heinonen residing at Joyce, Wash. The wife of the first Isaac Heinonen came from Pyhäjoki which is not very far away from Pyhäjärvi, but this can of course be a very long shot.


HEINONEN, INA SOPHIA -- Born February 22, 1878, Pyhajoki, Finland. Died May 28, 1923, Romapo (farm near Joyce, Wash.). Cause of
death: Brights disease. Wife of Isaac Heinonen. Father: Matthew Frees (b. Finland). Mother: Freda (b. Finland). Informant: Isaac Heinonen, Joyce,
Wash. Burial May 31, 1923, Port Angeles, Wash.


HEINONEN, WALTER J. -- Born June 21, 1919, Joyce, Wash. Died June 1, 1928, Lincoln Hospital, Port Angeles, Wash. Cause of death:
asthmatic bronchitis, influenza. Student. Father: Isaac Heinonen (b. Finland). Mother: Ina Thompson (b. Finland). Burial June 3, 1928, Ocean View
Cemetery, Port Angeles, Wash.


Re(5): Isak Heinonen
Posted on September 10, 2003 at 04:52:29 PM by Erja Viuhkola

Hi, Staffan
I have also found this information, but I think that this is a same man. One of my email friends told me that he was much older than his wife. I think he was from Jalasjärvi. I have found some Isak Heinonen: one is buried in Sointula: I don't know his age, one of them was drowned, one lived in Thunder Bay: he was too old and I saw his photo. It wasn't our Isak.There was also one in the list that you gave me, but it wasn't that I was looking for.What could I say, sorry folks, but I am very grateful for your help. Perhaps my Isaks some day pop to see.

Re(1): Isak Heinonen
Posted on September 11, 2003 at 11:04:21 AM by Kevin Paavola

I believe I found your ancestors in the 1910 census! I'm not 100% certain but it appears to be both of them.

In New Hampshire, Hillsborough County, Milford Township, in the Village of Milford, there appears an Isaac Heinonen, age 21 living as a boarder. I cannot make out the exact year of immigration but it is 190x. He is working in a stone quarry. I think this might be your younger Isak.

What is even more interesting when I went back to the page to look is there is another boarder there whose name is hard to read. His age is 40 so I looked closer. It appears this person's name is also Heinonen but using a first name Henry! You mentioned the older Isak had a brother Henry. What is even more interesting is this "Henry" is listed as being married. Again, the immigration year is hard to make out but is in the neighborhood of the other. He also worked in the same stone quarry.

Could "Henry" have been using his brother's name?

I saved the image on my computer. If you would like me to email it to you, please let me know.

Good Luck!
Kevin Paavola


Re(2): Isak Heinonen
Posted on September 14, 2003 at 12:24:28 PM by Erja Viuhkola

Hi Kevin,
I'm so grateful to you. This must be the younger Isak and perhaps the older is also my relative.It would be nice if you could send me that information, because you surely understand, how difficult to me is to get it.
A thousand thanks!

Re(3): Isak Heinonen
Posted on September 17, 2003 at 08:04:02 AM by Erja Viuhkola

but when I looked at it very carefully I noticed that it wasn't Isak/Isaac but Oskar. But I don't give up to find the right ones. I need help and I say many thanks to you who have helped me.


jim &diane kenyon
Posted on June 1, 2004 at 01:34:08 PM by david blakeman

i am looking for my old friends jim &diane who emigrated to calgary, alberta., in1968-69. i know they were still in calgary in 1981.from memory jim worked repairing televisions ,and think he moved on to being an electrician.we were great friends when first married and would to find them again.





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Heikki Heinonen
Posted on January 4, 2004 at 03:28:10 PM by Erja Viuhkola

How can I find Heikki Heinonen?
He was born on the 11th of June in 1893 in Pyhäjärvi Finland and he died on the 19th of November in 1977 in Canada. He was married on the 21st of February in 1915 with Hilda Maria Hietala. They got two sons: Emil Johannes b.1917 and Eino Sakari b.1920. I found from passenger information that he might have left to Canada on the ship Astrea on the 8th of January in 1921. The ship Victorian left from England on the 14th of January in 1921. His destination was Quebec PQ. How could I find his friends or relatives from Canada?


Re(1): Heikki Heinonen
Posted on January 10, 2004 at 07:43:10 AM by Staffan Storteir

Hi Erja,

Have you tried to plough through the phone and address directories at http://www.infobel.com/teldir/teldir.asp?page=/eng/namc/ca
I have an ISDN-connection and pay for every minute online so it is personally too an overwhelming task...


Re(2): Heikki Heinonen
Posted on January 10, 2004 at 08:53:04 AM by Harri Blomberg

Hello Erja!

I find one K. Heinonen in Quebec, Kanada, maybe some relative, who living there today. I will send you his private adress and location, also phonenumber, to your private e-mailadress.

Harri Blomberg

Ps. I used Staffan Storteir´s recommendation, very good! Ds.

Re(3): Heikki Heinonen
Posted on January 30, 2004 at 12:40:18 PM by Erja Viuhkola

I got my information: Heikki Heinonen died in South Porcupine.








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Posted on August 11, 2003 at 10:20:43 AM by Els

Looking for that person UENTERT can be sounds,
he went from Scandinavian between1887 and 1889.
to the USA.


Posted on October 15, 2003 at 10:39:30 AM by Kevin

It's hard to say that this is who you are looking for without more details, but it's similar to what you state:

In Massachusetts in 1900 there is a Carl O Uner, b.Feb 1864 born in Sweden. He immigrated in 1889 and was naturalized.

His wife is Hannah, b.Sept 1874 in Sweden. They were married 7 years. She immigrated in 1891.

They had 3 daughters: Louise C May 1894, Margaret J 1896 and Alice E 1897.

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