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Valter Dahlqvist i Sideby
Posted on November 24, 2003 at 03:17:25 PM by Bernt Lövgren

Jag söker Valter Dahlqvist, född någonstans i Sideby, söker även hans hustru.
De fick en dotter som hette Signe f. 28/10 1896 i Sideby, d 8/4 1993 i Westergård, Rosala, Hitis.
Signe åkte i unga år till Hitis och gifte sig den 10/1 1922 med fiskaren/jordbrukaren Axel Leander Andersson f. 28/7 1894 i Rosal, Hitis, d. 25/4 1942 enligt Hitis förs.
Tacksam för alla tips.

Bernt Lövgren i Huddinge, Sverige


Re(1): Valter Dahlqvist i Sideby
Posted on December 2, 2003 at 03:38:51 AM by Harri Blomberg

Terve Bernt! Valter Dahlqvist med familj verkar vara en sådan rackare som är svårfångad. Jag har försökt att hitta honom, men i litteraturen om Sideby finns han inte. Lika lite har jag hittat honom i någon släktutredning. Den enda utvägen verkar vara att ta kontakt med pastorskansliet i Sideby...

Tel: 06 2225551

Med vänliga hälsningar
Harri Blomberg

Ps. Om Allan Franzén fortfarande är kyrkoherde kan du nå honom på:

Allan Franzén, TD, DI, docent i praktisk teologi (missiologi) vid Helsingfors universitet, docent i praktisk teologi vid Åbo Akademi.

Kyrkoherde i Sideby församling
Adress: Prästgården, 64490 Sideby
tfn o. fax: (06) 222 5515
E-post: allan.franzen@evl.fi (församlingens pastorskansli verkar annars sakna e-postadress) Ds.

There have been no replies.





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Family trace - Wik
Posted on November 11, 2003 at 03:02:30 AM by Harvey & Colleen Rosieur

I am searching for info. re my Mothers family: Father -Anders Wilhelm Wik ( may have been formerly Wikland or variant)Mother Ida Elizabeth Wik(Nee Nyland)Emigrated from Munsala abt. 1920 to New Zealand with their 2 children Birjer Wihelm and Alice Ingeborg


Re(1): Family trace - Wik
Posted on December 26, 2003 at 12:16:51 PM by Staffan Storteir

Harvey & Colleen,

Sorry for the late response. I have been away from Internet for almost two months. The names Wik and Wikman are known from Munsala, but the online church records do not cover the pertinent period. I'd recommend you to send a query to the message boards where attenders have access to vast databases of families from Ostrobothnian parishes i.e. the ´Finlander Forum´ http://finlander.eget.net/index.php (English language) and/or ´Discuss genealogy in Ostrobothnia´ http://www.qnet.fi/westside/discus/ (mainly Swedish language, but you can write in English) and/or post a query to the parish office in Munsala.
Munsala församling, pastorskansliet
Södra Munsalavägen 23 , 66950 MUNSALA, FINLAND
Phone: +358 6 7641 010
Fax: +358 6 7811 076

Here http://sydaby.eget.net/swe/jp_munsala.htm is an article about Munsala church village where Wiks are mentioned.

Is it possible that Anders Wilhelm Wik was in America before emigrating to New Zealand?

I found the following passenger record from the Emigrant Register of the Institute of Migration and wonder if it is your Anders Wilhelm Wik.

Institute of Migration Detailed passenger information
Last name: Wik
First names: Ander Wilhelm
Age or age class: 30
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Wardner
State of destination: ID
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: FIM 489
Ship from Finland: Astraea
Date of departure from Finland: 25.08.1906
Ship from England: St. Paul
Date of departure from England: 01.09.1906
Ocean Line: American Line
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 60/12
Remarks: *

Best regards,

Munsala Church village





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Translation Help Needed
Posted on November 5, 2003 at 12:37:17 PM by Maureen Nutt

I am looking for assistance in translating the following.

synt. 17.12.1864 Piippola (josta muutti 27.07.1891 Helsinkiin). Julistettu kuolleeksi Helsingin RO:n paatoksella 11.01.1958 ja kuolinpaivaksi on maaratty 01.01.1958. Oli kirjoilla Kallion seurakumman jasenena naimattomana.

Kirjoissamme ei ole lapsia.

Kirjoissamme sivumerkinta: AM. 28.06.1893.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re(1): Translation Help Needed
Posted on November 5, 2003 at 01:09:05 PM by Staffan Storteir

Hi Maureen,

Like this:

born 17.12.1864 in Piippola (from where he/she moved on 27.07.1891 to Helsinki) Declared dead by a decision of the Municipial Court of Helsinki on 11.01.1958 and the date of death has been determined as 01.01.1958. Was in the records as a member of the Kallio congregation, unmarried.


Re(2): Translation Help Needed
Posted on November 5, 2003 at 06:31:34 PM by Maureen Nutt

Thank you very much for the translation. It helps me tremendously. I know I may be pushing my luck but do you have any idea where I could contact someone about the Kallio congregation. I'm trying to track down information on my great-grandmother.

Thanks again!

Re(3): Translation Help Needed
Posted on November 5, 2003 at 06:52:35 PM by Staffan Storteir

The web site of the Kallio parish in Finnish

e-mail: kallio.srk@evl.fi


Re(4): Translation Help Needed
Posted on November 5, 2003 at 07:14:24 PM by Maureen Nutt

Staffan, thank you so very much for your help. I have sent an e-mail to the parish to see if they could provide some guidance on my next step in tracing my great-grandmother. Thank you again for your help!

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