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emigration to brazil
Posted on November 18, 2002 at 10:41:13 PM by Staffan Storteir

emigration to brazil
Posted on November 16, 2002 at 05:00:48 AM by christel sandell-andersson

My name is Christel sandell-Andersson and I am trying to do genealogical search for "emigration" to Brazil. During 1920 - 1930 there was a small emigration from Ostrobothnia to Brazil also. My grandmother left 1928 for Brazil and worked there for 7 -8 years. My problem is that I cannot find any passport information for her. She left Finland with Bore 8 from Mäntyluoto. Where can I find information about passport and about shiprecords? Bore 8 does not exist in any records I have searched. Best wishes from Jakobstad


I'm very sorry there were technical problems to post messages to the board when attempting to reply to your message: the messages were snipped and I had to delete them and at the same time I accidentally deleted your message, but above is a copy of it.



Re(1): emigration to brazil
Posted on November 18, 2002 at 10:53:26 PM by Staffan Storteir

Hi Christel,

I'm very sorry for accidentally deleting your message. The technical problems I encountered were due to a single wrong character in the HTML-code for the hyperlinks and it led to snipping of the message text. You may of course repost your message with your own e-mailaddress if you like.

Bore 8 better known written as Bore VIII was indeed in Finland-South America liner service. The following data about her were kindly provided by Aleksi Lindström who has a fine collection of other Finnish steamers used in emigrant traffic at <a href="http://shiplover.virtualave.net/Finland.html" target="_blank">http://shiplover.virtualave.net/Finland.html</a>

Bore VIII (1):
General Cargo Steamer, Tweendecker
4,258 GRT, 123,84 x 15,78 x 7,42 m
9 knots, Triple Steam Engine

-August 1907 Completed by W. Beardmore & Co. Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland as
HUANCHACO for Pacific Steam Navigation Co., Liverpool.

-1925 sold to General Francis Sutton, Mukden, China and renamed FRANK

- ! - December 1926 aqcuired by Ånfartygs A/B Bore, Turku, Finland and
renamed BORE VIII. Immediately chartered for 14 years to Finland-South
America Line and put into Finland - East Coast of South America liner
service. - ! -

-On February the 24th went aground near Borkum on a voyage from Luleå to
Emden with iron ore. Many attempts to refloat her were made, but they all
failed. During next low tide she broke in two and became a total loss.

Passport records: Not found for your grandmother (whose name you provided in another message) from the Institute of Migration online database. I suggest the passport has neen issued by the Vasa provincial government (Vasa länsstyrelse/Vaasan lääninhallitus) or the town magistrate where she resided. Try to contact Vasa landsarkiv <a href="http://www.narc.fi/ma/vma/svehtml/kontakt.htm" target="_blank">http://www.narc.fi/ma/vma/svehtml/kontakt.htm</a> and The Institute of Migration <a href="http://www.utu.fi/erill/instmigr/eng/e_rekist.htm" target="_blank">http://www.utu.fi/erill/instmigr/eng/e_rekist.htm</a>

Passenger lists: It would be of great general interest to know if there are any passenger lists preserved from this Finland-South America emigration route and I'm going to research it. If you contact The Institute of Migration you can also ask the stuff if they know any passenger lists of the Finland - South America line.

Best regards,


Re(1): emigration to brazil
Posted on October 8, 2004 at 06:17:53 PM by marilene paulella


I live in Sao Paulo ,Brazil. My name is Marilene Paulella.
I can help you. Perhaps your grandmother came to rio de Janeiro?
There is a lot of scandinavians peoples in
Rezende, near Rio de Janeiro.
Write me, regards,
Marilene Paulella (60 years old)

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